Alexis Billier

Design of a robotic hand using the push-pull cable technology

Principle Supervisor:
Francesco Becchi
Telerobot Labs

Collaboration partners:

  • Fondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia
  • University of Plymouth

Competence Area: Embodiment


BILLIER Alexis has been enrolled by Danieli Telerobot Labs since April, 2016 as Marie Curie Fellow and focuses on research of design principle for humanoid robotics. He also holds Marie Curie Fellowship as an Early Stage Researcher.

He got Master degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Supmeca Paris, France. He conducted his Master thesis research on simulation of the behavior of the back leg of a cat robot in the University of Electro-Communications Chofu, Japan.

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To create guidelines and to develop a system that will allow robots to utilize social cues that significantly improve safe human-robot interaction in home environments. This involves first investigating and understanding of 1) human safety risk during human-robot interaction in home environments, 2) the features that help humans to believe and trust that robots are able to look after their well-being, 3) social cues related to a human alert system that users are sensitive of and that can be implemented in robots to signal safety risks to the users. 

Based on the findings a guideline will be created, implemented and tested to verify and improve the guideline for developing a system that can utilize social cues to ensure safe human-robot interaction in home environments.

Expected Results

The result will enable robots to use effective social cues to signal users’ safety risk during

human-robot interaction in home environments. This will ensure that the users will be aware of any risk to their safety during human-robot interaction and that robots can promote safe interactions for novice users.


Mail: alexis(dot)billier(at)gmail(dot)com

Linkedin: Alexis Billier