Workshop Programme


Monday, 19th August

09:00 Keynote Speaker: Emre Ugur, Bogazici University, Istanbul

Learning to IMAGINE and condition the Action Consequences in Robotic Manipulation

10:00 SECURE students’ presentations:

  • Chandrakant Bothe:

Language Learning for Safety during Human-Robot Interaction

  • Alessandra Rossi:

Investigating human perceptions of trust in robots for safe HRI in home environments

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 SECURE students’ presentations (continued):

  • Phuong D.H. Nguyen:

Toward Robots with Peripersonal Space Representation for Adaptive Behaviors

  • Marie Charbonneau:

On improving the coping capacities of whole-body controllers for humanoid robots

  • Francois Foerster:

Investigation on the Neuronal Mechanisms Involved in Accessing Learned Information in the Human Brain

  • Mohammad Thabet:

Sample-efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning with Imaginary Rollouts for Human-Robot Interaction

12:00 APRIL students’ presentations:

  • Pontus Loviken:

Fast Online Model Learning for Controlling Complex Real-World Robots

  • Mina Marmpena:

Robotic emotional body language generation with variational autoencoders

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Keynote Speaker: Michael Spranger, SONY CSL, Tokyo

Autonomous Meaning Creation

14:30 APRIL students’ presentations (continued):

  • Bahar Irfan:

Multi-modal Personalisation in Long-Term Human-Robot Interaction

  • Alexandre Antunes:

Hierarchical recurrent neural networks for action and language grounding

15:30 Poster Spotlight

16:00 Poster Session

  • Alexis Billier:

Design of a robotic hand using the push-pull cable technology

  • Oksana Hagen:

Automatic discovery of priors for robotic learning

  • Egor Lakomkin:

Spoken Emotion Recognition with Deep Neural Networks for Human-Robot

  • Gregorios Skaltsas:

Can Human Physiological Data be used to Safely Adapt Robot Behaviour

  • Mohammad Ali Zamani:

Safer Human-Robot Interaction: Spoken Language-modulated Actions using Deep Reinforcement Learning

  • Asta Danauskiene, Mauricio Machado, Pinar Boyraz:

Multimodal Human Intent Recognition System for Collaborative Human-Machine Interaction

  • Lukas Hindemith, Anna-Lisa Vollmer, Britta Wrede, Frank Joublin:

People use interaction patterns to teach robots

17:00 End of the Event