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Lecture: Knowledge Representation in Hybrid Architectures /
Wissensrepräsentation in hybriden Architekturen

Summer Semester 2010



Information/Allgemeine Informationen

LV-Nummer: 64-416
Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Wermter
Period: 2 UE / Wöchentlich 2 UE Do 12:15-13:45 ab 01.04.10
Room: D-129
Credit Hours 2 SWS
Language: English
Module: MV-ISR2-WV2



Our objective is to examine the foundations, representations and applications of hybrid systems in order to support various themes in intelligent information systems, cognitive robotics and interactive systems. While traditional approaches have focused on symbolic representations alone, newer hybrid symbolic/neural/statistical approaches are often nature-inspired drawing inspirations from biological systems, neural systems or cognitive performance. We want to explore these foundations in the context of building more sophisticated adaptive interaction systems, learning agents, self organising information systems and bio-inspired robotic systems. For building such nature-inspired computing systems we examine the embedding of neural, statistical and/or symbolic representations into knowledge-based adaptive information agents. Applications can include intelligent information systems, interactive systems, adaptive engineering, data/text mining systems, cognitive and neuroscience-inspired robots, speech/language systems, intelligent web agents and hybrid techniques for medical diagnosis. We will teach the concepts linked to and with examples from our own research projects from the UK and EU.



The international education gets more and more important for industry, business and research. In order to help students to prepare for a career in industry or academia with an international element we suggest that the presentation language will be English. This will be discussed with the students in the first lecture.