MIN Faculty
Department of Informatics
Knowledge Technology


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Prof. Dr. Stefan Wermter Head of Knowledge Technology Group
Dr. Cornelius Weber Knowledge Technology Lab Manager
Katja Kösters Knowledge Technology Team Assistant
Erik Strahl Knowledge Technology Engineer
Research Staff
Tayfun Alpay Research and Teaching Associate
Pablo Barros Research Associate GRID Project
Chandrakant Bothe Research Associate SECURE Project
Jorge Dávila-Chacón Research Associate Cinacs Project
Dr. Manfred Eppe Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Sascha Griffiths Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate
Burhan Hafez Research Associate
Dr. Stefan Heinrich Postdoctoral Research Associate TRR CML Project
Tobias Hinz Research Associate
Doreen Jirak Research and Teaching Associate
Dr. Matthias Kerzel Postdoctoral Research Associate TRR CML Project
Egor Lakomkin Research Associate SECURE Project
Dr. Sven Magg Postdoctoral Teaching Associate
Nils Meins Research Associate Ksera Project
Luiza Mici Research Associate
Francisco Cruz Naranjo Research Associate TWIRL Project
Nicolás Navarro-Guerrero Research Associate RobotDoC Project
German Parisi Research Associate CASY Project
Henrique Siqueira Research Associate SOCRATES project
Alexander Sutherland Research Associate SOCRATES project
Johannes Twiefel Research and Teaching Associate
Mohammad Ali Zamani Research Associate SECURE Project
Xiaomao Zhou Research Associate
Student Assistants
Marc Bestmann Student Assistant      
Juliane Bödeker Student Assistant      
Katinka Böhm Student Assistant      
Adrian Burmester Student Assistant      
Carina Garber Student Assistant      
Larissa Gebken Student Assistant      
Thomas Hummel Student Assistant      
Josip Josifovski Student Assistant      
Julius Mayer Student Assistant      
Hwei Geok Ng Student Assistant      
Marcus Soll Student Assistant      
Jan Fabian Schmid Student Assistant      
Valentin Strauß Student Assistant      
Sibel Toprak Student Assistant      
Iris Wieser Student Assistant      
Peter Wüppen Student Assistant      
Former Team Members (chronologically descending order)
Dr. Wenjie Yan Former Research Associate Ksera Project
Dr. Marcelo Borghetti Soares Former Postdoctoral Research Associate CoRob Project
Dennis Hamester Former Research Associate
Dr. Xavier Hinaut Former Postdoctoral Research Associate EchoRob Project
Dr. Johannes Bauer Former Research Associate Cinacs Project
Dr. Junpei Zhong Research Associate RobotDoC Project
Dr. Naveed Anwar Former PhD Student
Nandita Tripathi, PhD Former PhD Student
Dr. Kiran Kumar Ravulakollu Former PhD Student
Dr. Chi-Yung Yau (Alan) Former PhD Student
Dr. Dr. Jens Kleesiek Former Research Associate Cinacs Project
Dr. Jindong Liu Former Postdoctoral Associate