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Seminar/Oberseminar: Knowledge Technology (Please note: This page is outdated)

The seminar is open to interested students and staff.



General Information/Allgemeine Informationen

LV-Nummer: 64-487
Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Wermter
Period: 2 UE / Wöchentlich Tue 14:00-16:00 / 2:15pm
Room: D-220
Language: English/Deutsch



Talks, presentations and discussion of recent results from new research projects. Topics include Bio-inspired learning algorithms, Neural Networks, Hybrid Knowledge Technology Systems, Data Mining and Human-Robot-Interaction.

Diskussion aktueller Ergebnisse aus laufenden Forschungsvorhaben und Drittmittelprojekten. Themen sind u.a. Bio-inspirierte Lernalgorithmen, Neuronale Netzwerke, Hybrid Knowledge Technology Systems, Data Mining, Mensch-Roboter-Interaktion.



Get to know the research topics in the Knowledge Technology Group. Discussion, planning and immersion of current research projects . Possibility for choosing interesting studies in the Knowledge Technology Labs or Diploma-, Master Thesis topics.

Kennenlernen der Forschungsthemen der WTM Arbeitsgruppe. Diskussion, Planung und Vertiefung aktueller Forschungsprojekte. Gelegenheit für die Wahl interessanter Studien-, Diplom-, Masterarbeitsthemen.



Contributions and discussions of participants / Beiträge und Diskussionen der Teilnehmer:
Summer Semester 2017
06.06.17 Keras workshop Tayfun Alpay
30.05.17 tbd Chandrakant Bothe
16.05.17 Object Tracking with Convolutional Neural NetworksAbstract Peer Springstübbe
09.05.17 Comparison of behaviour-based architectures for human-robot collaboration in a package delivery taskAbstract Melanie Remmels
25.04.17 Weakly supervised acoustic emotion recognition using recurrent neural networksAbstract Egor Lakomkin
24.04.17 Doctoral Defense: Inspection of Echo State Networks for Dynamic GesturesAbstract Doreen Jirak
18.04.17 Structuring and writing a PhD thesis: Guided discussion Stefan Heinrich, Prof. Stefan Wermter
11.04.17 Syntactic Reanalysis in Language Models for Speech RecognitionAbstract Johannes Twiefel
Winter Semester 2016/2017
28.03.17 A Self-Organizing Model for Affective MemoryAbstract Pablo Barros
14.03.17 Detecting and Localizing Body Gestures in a Multi-Person Scenario Using a Deep Neural NetworkAbstract Florian Letsch
10.03.17 Doctoral Defense: Multimodal Learning of Actions with Deep Neural Network Self-OrganizationAbstract German I. Parisi
28.02.17 End-to-end Self-Learning of Visuomotor Skills through Interaction with the EnvironmentAbstract Matthias Kerzel
07.02.17 A Bio-Inspired Robot Navigation SystemAbstract Xiaomao Zhou
07.02.17 Curiosity-driven Reinforcement Learning for Neural Network-based Robotic GraspingAbstract Burhan Hafez
24.01.17 Towards Intelligent Social RobotsAbstract Sascha Griffiths
19.01.17 Using narrative structure to improve comprehension of science articlesAbstract Monica Gonzales-Marquez
10.01.17 P300 classification in EEG signals using Ladder NetworksAbstract Bastian Thiede
22.12.16 Embodied Language in RoboticsAbstract Manfred Eppe
20.12.16 Brain-Inspired Visuo-Haptic Object RecognitionAbstract Sibel Toprak
13.12.16 Towards Understanding Auditory Representations in Emotional ExpressionsAbstract Iris Wieser
06.12.16 Semi-Supervised Learning with Recurrent Ladder NetworksAbstract Marian Tietz
29.11.16 A Compressing Auto-Encoder as a Developmental Model of Grid CellsAbstract Anthony Kiggundu
22.11.16 An Evolutionary Approach to Optimize the Hyperparameters of Convolutional Neural NetworksAbstract Tobias Hinz
08.11.16 Word2Vec and Echo State Network For Thematic Role AssignmentAbstract Surender Kumar
01.11.16 Knowledge Technology Students Spot Talks Kamila Ignatowicz, Andre Grund, Peer Springstübbe, Aleksey Logacjov
25.10.16 Smartphone Controlled Intelligent Robot PlatformAbstract Pascal Folleher
18.10.16 Information theory for neural coding in a nutshellAbstract Sascha Meyen
11.10.16 Analysis of Spectral Data using Similarity SearchAbstract Thomas Klinger
Summer Semester 2016
28.09.16 Doctoral Defense: Modelling AffectionMechanisms using Deep and Self-Organizing Neural NetworksAbstract Pablo Barros
27.09.16 Emotion Recognition from Body Expressions with a Recurrent Self-Organizing Neural ArchitectureAbstract Nourhan Elfaramawy
23.08.16 Neural Network Classification Of Materials Through Feedback From 3D Haptic Sensor Abstract Moaaz Maamoon
16.08.16 Using Natural Language Feedback in a Neuro-inspired Integrated Multimodal Robotic ArchitectureAbstract Johannes Twiefel
09.08.16 Recognition of Transitive Actions with Hierarchical Neural Network LearningAbstract Luiza Mici
02.08.16 Neural Network-Based Control of a Humanoid Robot for Grasping TasksAbstract Niklas Widulle
26.07.16 The Effects of Regularization on Learning Facial Expressions with Convolutional Neural Networks
Learning Multiple Timescales in Recurrent Neural Networks Abstract
Tobias Hinz, Tayfun Alpay
12.07.16 Ball Localization for Robocup Soccer using Convolutional Neural NetworksAbstract Daniel Speck
28.06.16 Recent Results on Analyses and Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks (to be presented at IJCNN 2016)Abstract Pablo Barros, Nima Mousavi
20.06.16 Doctoral Defense: Natural Language Acquisition in Recurrent Neural ArchitecturesAbstract Stefan Heinrich
14.06.16 Multi-modal Integration of Dynamic Audiovisual Patterns for an Interactive Reinforcement Learning ScenarioAbstract Francisco Cruz
07.06.16 Knowledge Technology Students Spot Talks Sibel Toprak, Daniel Kreischer, Melanie Remmels, Tobias Hinz
31.05.16 Language-Modulated Safer Actions using Deep Neural NetworksAbstract Mohammad Ali Zamani
17.05.16 Human Robot Interaction by Verbal Dialogues with Inferring and Learning of Safety ConceptsAbstract Chandrakant Bothe
10.05.16 Towards Effective Classification of Imbalanced Data with Convolutional Neural NetworksAbstract Vidwarth Raj
04.05.16 Inertial Measurement Unit Based Multi User Gesture RecognitionAbstract Stephan Tietz
03.05.16 Doctoral Defense: Neurocomputational Mechanisms for Adaptive Self-Preservative Robot BehaviourAbstract Nicolas Navarro
02.05.16 Embodied Affective Decision Making in RobotsAbstract Dr. Robert Lowe
19.04.16 Identifying Dangerous Situations from Acoustic DataAbstract Egor Lakomkin
12.04.16 Player Modeling in Texas Hold'em Poker with Echo State NetworksAbstract Alexander Klassen
05.04.16 Improving the Post-Processing of Cloud-based Speech Recognition with Tri-Gram Language ModelsAbstract Valentin Strauß
Winter Semester 2015/2016
29.03.16 Knowledge Technology Students Spot Talks Stefan Thomas, Florian Letsch, Anthony Kiggundu, Pascal Folleher
17.03.16 Doctoral Defense: Indoor Vision-based Robot Navigation: a Neural Probabilistic ApproachAbstract Wenjie Yan
08.03.16 Self-Organization of Temporal Dynamics in Recurrent Neural NetworksAbstract Tayfun Alpay
01.03.16 Analysis of modulated spiking neural networkAbstract Markus Soll
16.02.16 Emergence of Multimodal Action Representations from Neural Self-OrganizationAbstract German I. Parisi
02.02.16 Knowledge Technology Students Spot Talks Thomas Klinger, Vidwarth Raj, Stephan Tietz, Benjamin Scholz, Niklas Widulle, Daniel Speck
19.01.16 Crowdsourced Data Generation - How to Design a Website for Citizen Scientists?Abstract Carina Garber
12.01.16 Optimal Stable Marriage Mapping with Particle Swarm OptimizationAbstract Tobias Tilly
15.12.15 Deep Neural Representation Analysis through Hierarchical Features VisualizationAbstract Nima Mousavi
01.12.15 Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning using Neural NetworksAbstract Sohaib Younis
24.11.15 Gesture Recognition with a Convolutional Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural NetworkAbstract Eleni Tsironi
10.11.15 Using online gesture learning with Echo State Networks to control an iCub robot headAbstract Konstantin Kobs
27.10.15 Doctoral Defense: One Computer Scientist's (Deep) Superior Colliculus. Modeling, understanding, and learning from a multisensory midbrain structureAbstract Johannes Bauer
27.10.15 Emotional Expression Recognition with a Cross-Channel Convolutional Neural Networks for Human-Robot InteractionAbstract Pablo Barros
20.10.15 Tutorial on hyperopt: Python library for parameter optimizationAbstract Xavier Hinaut

Summer Semester 2015
25.09.15 Knowledge Technology Students Spot Talks Tayfun Alpay, Markus Soll, Alexander Klassen
18.09.15 Object recognition using point cloud-based neural networksAbstract Marcelo Borghetti
28.08.15 Design and Control of Biologically Inspired JointsAbstract Nils Rokita
07.08.15 How to Recognize Spontaneous Emotions?Abstract Pablo Barros
24.07.15 Modeling Color Vision with Coding Strategies of Retinal Ganglion CellsAbstract Daniel von Poschinger-Camphausen
03.07.15 Learning Human Motion Feedback with Neural Self-OrganizationAbstract German I. Parisi
03.07.15 Reinforcement learning with interactive feedback using speech guidanceAbstract Francisco Cruz
26.06.15 Knowledge Technology Students Spot TalksAbstract P. Folleher, C. Garber, V. Strauß, T. Tilly
19.06.15 Prediction of merchant ship fuel consumption with neural networksAbstract Ahmed Saleh
05.06.15 Gesture Recognition and Semantic Parsing with Echo State NetworksAbstract Johannes Twiefel, Doreen Jirak
29.05.15 Neural-network-based Action Object Semantics for Assistive RoboticsAbstract Luiza Mici
28.06.15 Multi-sensory neural reinforcement learning using the options frameworkAbstract Dr. Victor Uc-Cetina
15.05.15 WTM Students Spot Talks E.Tsironi, J.Yalpi, K.Kobs
N.Mousavi, S. Younis
28.04.15 Recurrent Neural Network-based Probabilistic Language ModelAbstract Sathyanarayanan Kuppusami
21.04.15 Modulated Spiking-NeuronsAbstract Stefan Bruhns
17.04.15 Doctoral Defense: Artificial Neural Models for Feedback Pathways for Sensorimotor IntegrationAbstract Junpei Zhong
16.04.15 Developmental Robotics for Embodied Language LearningAbstract Lecture2go Recording Prof. Angelo Cangelosi
02.04.15 Structural interference in approach and avoidance behaviors by a neurally controlled robotAbstract Jonas Sperling

Winter Semester 2014/2015
31.03.15 Development of a Multimodal Android Interface for ROS-based RobotsAbstract Oliver Degener
20.03.15 Interaction is more beneficial in complex reinforcement learning problems than in simple onesAbstract Chris Stahlhut
19.03.15 Mechanical Design of the Arms and Neural Arm Control for the Humanoid Robot Platform Nimbro-OPAbstract Atif Mahboob
12.03.15 Language Acquisition using Echo State Networks applied to the iCub-robotAbstract Xavier Hinaut
10.03.15 Timescale-Independent Pattern Detection with Echo State NetworksAbstract Timur Olzhabaev
04.03.15 Determining Optimal Feature-Vector Length for Text Categorization ApproachesAbstract Marco Jendryczko
10.02.15 Interactive Reinforcement Learning through Speech Guidance in a Domestic ScenarioAbstract Francisco Cruz
20.01.15 Intelligent Pathfinding of Humanoid Robots on the Example of RoboCupAbstract Martin Poppinga
13.01.15 Learning Large-Scale Unsupervised Motion FeaturesAbstract Dennis Hamester
16.12.14 Biologically Inspired Localization On Humanoid Soccer Playing RobotsAbstract Marc Bestmann
09.12.14 Learning objects from RGB-D sensors using point cloud based neural networksAbstract Marcelo Borghetti
25.11.14 Structuring and writing a thesis: Guided discussion for PhD studentsAbstract Stefan Heinrich, Prof. Stefan Wermter
11.11.14 Real-Time Gesture Recognition Using a Humanoid Robot with a Deep Neural ArchitectureAbstract Pablo Barros
21.10.14 Learning to Reach with Interactive Reinforcement LearningAbstract Chris Stahlhut

Summer Semester 2014
30.09.14 Initial Steps on the robot Nicu: design and implementation plansAbstract Atif Mahboob
23.09.14 Learning of Human Motion Feedback by Neural Network Self-OrganizationAbstract Florian von Stosch
26.08.14 A Multichannel Convolutional Neural Network for Hand Posture RecognitionAbstract Pablo Barros
18.08.14 Better Generalization with ForecastsAbstract Dr. Mark Ring
12.08.14 Reinforcement Learning for Assistive RobotsAbstract Francisco Cruz Naranjo
16.07.14 Improving Domain-independent Cloud-based Speech Recognition with Domain-dependent Phonetic Post-processingAbstract Johannes Twiefel
08.07.14 Self-Organizing Learning Systems for Human Activity RecognitionAbstract German Parisi
07.07.14 Machine Learning of Motor Skills in Robotics: From Simple Skills to Table Tennis and ManipulationAbstract Dr. Jan Peters (TU Darmstadt)
01.07.14 Robotic Implementation and Evolution of Multisensory Localisation with Reward Mediated Learning (Defense)Abstract Andreas Grenzing
24.06.14 Bio-Inspired Sound Source Localisation for Robot Speech RecognitionAbstract Jorge Davila Chacon
10.06.14 Restricted Boltzmann Machines for Sequence LearningAbstract Dennis Hamester
20.05.14 Who's Afraid Of Singular Matrices? Reservoir Computing for Dynamic GesturesAbstract Doreen Jirak
06.05.14 Towards Bioinspired Robot Navigation - RatSLAM with the Humanoid Robot NAOAbstract Stefan Müller
22.04.14 Planning and Decision Making Strategies in Environments with Partial KnowledgeAbstract Marcelo Borghetti Soares

Winter Semester 2013/2014
28.03.14 Master Project Presentation: Human-Robot-InteractionAbstract Master students HRI project
25.03.14 Comparison of Different Learning Algorithms in a Dynamic EnvironmentAbstract Max Bryan
11.03.14 Development and Evaluation of Semantically Constrained Speech Recognition ArchitecturesAbstract Johannes Twiefel
04.03.14 Learning to reach with interactive machine learningAbstract Chris Stahlhut
04.03.14 Learning of Human Motion Feedback by Neural Network Self-OrganizationAbstract Florian von Stosch
11.02.14 Interactive Language Understanding with Multiple Timescale Recurrent Neural NetworksAbstract Stefan Heinrich
28.01.14 Sound Source Localisation for Speech RecognitionAbstract Jorge Davila-Chacon
14.01.14 Experiments in Multisensory LocalizationAbstract Johannes Bauer
17.12.13 Simulation of humanoid robots in V-Rep and WebotsAbstract Gerrit Steinberg
05.12.13 Dimensionality reduction and coordinated movement control: How nature alleviates the 'curse of dimensionality'Abstract Naveen Kuppuswamy, ETH Zürich
03.12.13 Three Models of Haar-NNAbstract Nils Meins
26.11.13 BSc Defense: Robot Navigation Using a Cognitive Map in WebotsAbstract Swantje Thüring
19.11.13 Hierarchical Predictive Mechanism Modelling based on Recurrent Neural NetworksAbstract Junpei Zhong
04.11.13 Neurocomputational mechanisms for self-protective robot behaviourAbstract Nicolas Navarro-Guerrero
22.10.13 Gestures and Reference Instructions for Deep Robot LearningAbstract Pablo Barros
15.10.13 Neural-based Recognition of Human Actions from Depth ImagesAbstract German I. Parisi

Summer Semester 2013
24.09.13 Neural Network Ensembles Using Haar-like Features for Face DetectionAbstract Tayfun Alpay
27.08.13 Supervised and interactive reinforcement learning for robots actionsAbstract Francisco Cruz
06.08.13 Human robotic simulation in a new work environmentAbstract Gerrit Steinberg
17.07.13 Grasping in 3 dimensions with a NAO robot using Self-Organizing Maps and stereovisionAbstract Timm Holler
16.07.13 Hierarchical SOM-based Detection of Novel Behavior for 3D Human TrackingAbstract German Parisi
11.07.13 Neural Hopfield-ensemble for multi-class head pose detectionAbstract German Parisi/Nils Meins
11.07.13 Master project: Human-Robot-Interaction - Final Presentation Abstract Faisal Rashed, Maximilian Bryan, Longshan Sun Ahmed Saleh, Florian von Stosch
02.07.13 Neural and Statistical Processing of Auditory Spatial CuesAbstract Jorge Davila-Chacon
18.06.13 MSc Defense: Improved Full-DOF Hand Pose Estimation Using Depth ImagesAbstract Dennis Hamester
04.06.13 Self-Organization and Statistics for Modeling Multi-Sensory Integration in the Superior ColliculusAbstract Johannes Bauer
21.05.13 Quo Vadis Gesture Recognition? Doreen Jirak
07.05.13 Recurrent Neural Networks for Grammatical Structure Processing, with an Application to Human-Robot InteractionAbstract Xavier Hinaut
23.04.13 Impact of pain-like signal on robot learning: more than a trigger of reactive behavioursAbstract Nicolas Navarro
09.04.13 Embodied Language Understanding with a Multiple Timescale Recurrent Neural NetworkAbstract Stefan Heinrich

Winter Semester 2012/2013
26.03.13 Progress and Open Questions in Robot Navigation based on Cognitive MapAbstract Wenjie Yan
12.03.13 BSc Defense: Application and Analysis of Classification in Textcategorization: A Comparative StudyAbstract Stefan Thomas
27.02.13 Visual 3D Reconstruction, Registration and RecognitionAbstract Kevin Köser, ETH Zürich
26.02.13 BSc Defense: Evolving Locomotion for a Humanoid RobotAbstract Heye Vöcking
12.02.13 Adaboost and Hopfield Neural Networks on Different Image Representations for Robust Face DetectionAbstract Nils Meins
29.01.13 Asymmetric agency and social sentience in modeling situated communication for human-robot teamingAbstract Dr.ir. Geert-Jan M. Kruijff (DFKI Saarbrücken)
15.01.13 A Predictive Network Architecture for a Robust and Smooth Robot Docking BehaviorAbstract Junpei Zhong
18.12.12 Real-time Object Detection Algorithm in Brain-Inspired Vision System TechnologyAbstract Dr. Yasuomi Daishin Sato (Kitakyushu, Japan)
04.12.12 Vision-based Human Tracking for Novel Behavior DetectionAbstract German Parisi
27.11.12 A topographic Elman networkAbstract Dr. Cornelius Weber
13.11.12 Model-based Hand Pose Estimation for Gesture Recognition Using KinectAbstract Dennis Hamester
30.10.12 Bioinspired Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Using ratSLAM with the humanoid robot NAOAbstract Stefan Müller
16.10.12 Modelling Locomotion on the NAO humanoid and Explore its Learning CapabilityAbstract Gauss Lee
11.10.12 Spot Talk: Zusammenführung verschiedener lernfähiger Systeme am Nao Pascal Schröter
09.10.12 BSc Defense: Reccurent Neural Networks for Speech Recognition on Humanoid Robots Abstract Sebastian Tschörner
02.10.12 Master project: Human-Robot-Interaction - Final Presentation Abstract Pascal Folleher, Peer Springstübe, Johannes Twiefel

Summer Semester 2012
18.09.12 Working@WTM: Presentations of Current Projects in Cognitive RoboticsAbstract WTM Student Assistents
28.08.12 Modelling of the Contribution of Gesture to Learning to Count Using the iCub Humanoid RobotAbstract Marek Rucinski (Plymouth, UK)
24.07.12 Energy Efficient Trajectory Planning for Object Grasping by the NAO RobotAbstract Abhronil Sengupta
10.07.12 Hybrid Neural Ensembles for Face DetectionAbstract Nils Meins
03.07.12 BSc Proposal: Rekurrente Neuronale Netze zur Spracherkennung auf humanoiden Robotern Sebastian Tschörner
26.06.12 Manipulation von Trainingsbildern zur Verbesserung eines Gesichtsklassifikators Abstract Darko Rakic
19.06.12 SOM-based Text Categorization Stefan Thomas
19.06.12 Speech Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction Abstract Stefan Thomas, Stefan Heinrich
05.06.12 Sound Source Localization: Binaural Cues Integration with Bayesian InferenceAbstract Jorge D. Chacon
29.05.12 Image Processing for Gesture Recognition Using the Kinect Dennis Hamester, Doreen Jirak
22.05.12 A SOM-Based Model for Multi-Sensory Integration in the Superior ColliculusAbstract Johannes Bauer
15.05.12 Adaptive Learning and Language Understanding in an Omni-Modal MTRNN Abstract Stefan Heinrich
08.05.12 Image-based Place Models for Geographic RecommendationsAbstract Christoph Schlieder
08.05.12 Gesture Recognition with Conditional Random FieldsAbstract Doreen Jirak
17.04.12 Robots&Co: Knowledge Technology Lab Visit for HIForum e.V. Doreen Jirak, Erik Strahl

Winter Semester 2011/2012
28.03.12 Applying the functional actor-model to heterogenous distributed systems in particular the sensors and actuators of a Nao robot. Prof. Esser (HAW) (Nils Meins)
27.03.12 Learning Features and Transformations with a Predictive Horizontal Product ModelAbstract Junpei Zhong
13.03.12 A Neural Approach for Robot Navigation based on Cognitive Map LearningAbstract Wenjie Yan
02.03.12 RoboCup@Home: Benchmarking Social RobotsAbstract Dr. Tijn van der Zant (Groningen) (Jorge D. Chacon)
28.02.12 BSc Defense: Grounding of Language in Sensorimotor World Interaction of a Humanoid Robot, using Neural NetworksAbstract Thomas Christian Blank (TU Harburg)
21.02.12 Smartboard Introduction Dataport Company
14.02.12 BSc Defense: Neuronal Networks for Bipedal Walking of a NAO robotAbstract Patrick Schmolke
07.02.12 A neurocomputational amygdala model of auditory fear conditioning: A hybrid system approach Abstract Nicolas Navarro
24.01.12 Efficiency through differentiation in homogeneous and heterogeneous groups of agentsAbstract Sven Magg
20.12.11 BSc Defense: Geräuschquellenlokalisation mit einem humanoiden Roboter Abstract Robert Keßler
13.12.11 Emergence of neural Schemata during Intercepting a moving Target Abstract Prof. Andreas Fleischer (Nils Meins)
23.11.11 Building Robust and Adaptive Predictive Systems Abstract Prof. Bogdan Gabrys (Prof. Stefan Wermter)
22.11.11 PhD Proposal Meeting: Towards object identification and robot orientation based on multi-modal alignment and localisation Johannes Bauer Jorge D. Chacon
07.11.11 Development of Coordinated Eye and Head Movements Abstract Dr. Cornelius Weber
25.10.11 Ein Frage Antwort System fuer mathematische TextaufgabenAbstract Christian Liguda (Bielefeld)
04.10.11 Programming NN with OpenCLAbstract Stefan Heinrich
04.10.11 Impressions from the IROS2011 Abstract Stefan Heinrich, Junpei Zhong

Summer Semester 2011
20.09.11 BSc Proposal: Grounding language in sensorimotor world interaction of a humanoid robot using neural networks.Abstract Thomas Blank
16.09.11 Artificial evolution of body structure using webots: likely problems and solutionsAbstract Willi Fiebranz
13.09.11 Robotic modelling of interactions between numbers and spaceAbstract Marek Rucinski, (Prof. Stefan Wermter)
26.08.11 Visual-Topological Mapping: An approach for indoor robot navigationAbstract Jorge D. Chacon
23.08.11 CINACS: Discussions on computational mechanisms in the superior colliculus Johannes Bauer
18.08.11 Learning Robot Skills for Everyday Manipulation TasksAbstract Dr. Freek Stulp (TU Berlin)
16.08.11 CTRNNs, GasNets, and the Question of EvolvabilityAbstract Sven Magg
12.07.11 Neural EnsemblesAbstract Nils Meins
05.07.11 Camera-based identification and localization of objects for flexible robotsAbstract Carsten Fries
28.06.11 Vision-based Gesture RecognitionAbstract Doreen Jirak
24.05.11 Recurrent Neural Networks with Parametric Bias - Theory & ApplicationAbstract Dr. Jens Kleesiek
17.05.11 Word and sentence processing in the brain - a project proposalAbstract Stefan Heinrich
10.05.11 BSc project proposal: Sound Source Localisation with the NAOAbstract Robert Keßler
26.04.11 Learning ambient object categories for affordance prediction Abstract Junpei Zhong
19.04.11 Journal Club: Unsupervised Learning of Invariant Feature Hierarchies with Applications to Object Recognition Wenjie Yan

Winter Semester 2010/2011
29.03.11 KSERA Workshop week: Towards socially assistive robot that helps elderly peopleAbstract Dr. Cornelius Weber, Nils Meins, Wenjie Yan
29.03.11 Towards a computational amygdala modelAbstract Nicolas Navarro
22.03.11 Journal Club: Joint Haar-like features for face detection Nils Meins
08.03.11 NAO Laser Head and SLAM Abstract Junpei Zhong
24.02.11 KSERA Integration: Towards approaching a person with the NAO robot. Wenjie Yan, Elena Torta
08.02.11 Visual Feedback for Saccade Learning Abstract Dr. Cornelius Weber
25.01.11 Determining Cooperation in Multiagent Systems with Cultural Traits Abstract Stefan Heinrich
24.01.11 Feature reduction and Ensemble-Learning with AdaBoost for Licenceplate Localisation Abstract Nils Meins
10.01.11 Neural Knowledge Technology Abstract Prof. Stefan Wermter
21.12.10 Backpropagation Reloaded & A Project Proposal Abstract Dr. Jens Kleesiek
07.12.10 Ksera Workshop - Towards socially assistive robot that helps elderly people Abstract Wenjie Yan
16.11.10 Hybrid Neural Systems Presentation Doreen Jirak
02.11.10 Grounding Cognition: Psychological Foundations for Development of Natural Language Dialogues. Abstract Stefan Heinrich
19.10.10 RobotDoC Workshop: Towards Affective Mechanisms and Mirror Neurons in Cognitive Robots Abstract Nicolas Navarro, Junpei Zhong
14.10.10 The Centre of Intelligent Systems and Robotics: A presentation for master students. Presentation Doreen Jirak, Stefan Heinrich

Summer Semester 2010
27.09.10 Journal Club: Mirror Neurons and Learning in Bio-Robotics Junpei Zhong, Nicolas Navarro
21.09.10 Object Affordances in the Context of Sensory Motor Contingencies Dr. Jens Kleesiek
09.09.10 Cinacs Summer School: Workshop & Lab Visits Prof. Stefan Wermter, Dr. Cornelius Weber, Stefan Heinrich
30.08.10 NeuroSoftware Meeting Dr. Cornelius Weber
25.08.10 PhD Proposal Meeting Stefan Heinrich, Wenjie Yan, Nicolas Navarro, Junpei Zhong
23.08.10 Journal Club: Emergence of learning; Learning with a self-organizing, dynamic neural system Nicolas Navarro, Wenjie Yan
13.08.10 Journal Club: Language models; Multi-Robot Learning Junpei Zhong, Stefan Heinrich
06.08.10 Journal Club: Grounding action words in the interaction with the world Stefan Heinrich
28.07.10 Initial overview of multi-robot behavior based on mirror neurons Junpei Zhong
16.07.10 Grasp-oriented visual perception Christine Upadek
09.07.10 Learning Object Affordances in the Context of SMCs Presentation Dr. Jens Kleesiek
02.07.10 Towards neuronal emotional robotics Nicolas Navarro
25.06.10 Ksera: Person identification and approaching: a reviewAdditional Video 1Additional Video 0Presentation Wenjie Yan
18.06.10 Interacting Robots: a review Stefan Heinrich
11.06.10 POS Tagging and Neural Network approachesPresentation Arne Koehn
04.06.10 Ambient Intelligence and Robots Felix Lindner
28.05.10 Journal Club: Particle filters Dr. Cornelius Weber
14.05.10 Parsing and Neural Networks Niels Beuck
07.05.10 Neuronale Netzwerk Simulationen in Java Robert Keßler /
NeuNet AG
30.04.10 Fehlererkennung u. -korrektur bei String-Matching Andree Monsees
23.04.10 Neural networks for RobotDoc, Ksera, Nao, ... Dr. Cornelius Weber
16.04.10 Erste Schritte mit dem Nao Roboter Dieter Jessen
09.04.10 Einführung Prof. Stefan Wermter