• Marie SkIodowska-Curie Fellowship-SECURE Project (2016-2019)
  • ICRA 2018 PhD forum travel grant award (May 2018)
  • Ozyegin University Scholarship (2012-2015)



  • Secondment on Robot Learning  (IPA Fraunhofer, Stuttgart, Germany, Oct-Nov 2019)
  • SECURE Workshop on Transferable Skills  (IIT, Genoa, Italy, May, 2018)
  • ACAI Summer School on Reinforcement Learning,  (Nieuwpoort, Belgium, Oct. 2017)
  • Midterm Review Meeting of SECURE Project, (Hamburg, Germany, May, 2017)
  • Winter School on Humanoid Robot Programming  (Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, Feb. 2017)
  • Robot Workshop (Stuttgart, Germany, Dec. 2016)
  • SECURE Workshop at EPIROB ICDL Conference  (Cergy Pontoise, Paris, France, Sep., 2016)
  • KUKA Training (Istanbul, Turkey, Jan. 2014)



  •  Conference Reviewer at: IROS, ICDL-EPIROB, Safe and Social Robotics, Systems Man and Cybernetics
  • Journal Reviewer at: Intelligent Service Robotics
  • General Chair of the International PhD Conference on Safe and Social Robotics



  • Master Thesis: Adapting to User Context in a Reinforcement Learning-based Dialogue System
  • Master Thesis: Reinforcement Learning for Incremental Dialogue Management
  • Master Thesis: Knowledge Extraction from API Reference Documentation Using Deep Learning
  • Seminar Project: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing Games
  • Seminar Project: Playing Text-based games with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Seminar Project: Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents with Language Instructions to Play Video Games