Note: Detailed information about all events is also collected in the programme booklet.

The Workshops take place on Monday and Tuesday.

This page provides links to the workshop web pages. Please refer to the individual pages for the workshop calls for papers and other event details.

For your convenience, we gather some information about the workshop events here. Please follow the links below:

PNSE 2012
Petri Nets and Software Engineering
Lawrence Cabac, Michael Duvigneau, and Daniel Moldt
BioPPN 2012
Biological Processes and Petri Nets
Monika Heiner and Ralf Hofestaedt
WooPS 2012
Petri Net-based Security
Rafael Accorsi, Tadao Murata, and Silvio Ranise
CompoNet 2012
Petri Net Compositions
Hanna Klaudel and Franck Pommereau
LAM 2012
Logics, Agents, and Mobility
Berndt Müller (Farwer) and Michael Köhler-Bußmeier





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