How to Reach Hamburg

By plane
Airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Hamburg has the fifth largest international airport in Germany, so arrival by plane is an obvious choice for those visiting from far away. The airport has been thoroughly modernized with new terminals, airport hotel, streamlined infrastructure, and facilities that are by and large adequate, so you won't get lost. Depending on the gate your flight arrives at or leaves from, walking longer distances might be neccessary as on any other airport too.
Hamburg Airport is connected to the city by the S-Bahn S1 commuter train line, which connects to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) and the city centre in about 30 minutes. To reach the main conference venue, you need to change at the central station into the S-Bahn S21 commuter train line, which connects to Dammtor. A single fare is €2.85.
To reach the workshop event location (Informatikum) directly from the airport, there are two public transport options (both need approximately 45 minutes): The slightly more comfortable and expensive version is to take the Schnellbus 39 (direction "Teufelsbrück") and change at Hagenbecks Tierpark into 181 or 281 at the same platform. Exit after 2 or 3 stops at Informatikum. The Schnellbus goes every 20 minutes, the single fare is 4,55 EUR. The cheaper option is to take the S-Bahn S1 commuter train and change at the next station (Ohlsdorf) into the subway line U1 (direction "Ohlstedt/Großhansdorf"). Exit at Lattenkamp and enter the bus 281 which goes every 20 minutes. The bus directly stops at Informatikum. The single fare is 2,85 EUR. For further information please have a look at public transport at
Beware on the way back to the airport: All S1-trains are divided at Ohlsdorf, with only the first three cars going to the airport, and the rest going to the suburb of Poppenbüttel. There are no trains between midnight and 4 AM, but a bus runs along the same route. As there aren't any flights between 11PM and 6AM this may not affect your journey.
By train
Hamburg has five major stations: Hauptbahnhof (central station), Altona, Dammtor, Harburg and Bergedorf. The conferences are located near Dammtor. Various types of train service are available. ICE (Inter City Express) high speed train service to or from most major German cities, including Berlin, Cologne (Köln), Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich also to Basel and Zurich (Zürich) Switzerland. There are usually hourly service to most destinations during the daytime. Direct service to or from Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark), Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Vienna (Austria), and Bratislava (Slovakia). Use the German railway's online trip planner to find connections to/from Hamburg Dammtor and buy tickets.
By car
Via the Autobahn:
  • A1 to/from Lübeck (north-east) — To get to the city change to the A24 at "Autobahnkreuz Ost".
  • A1 to/from Bremen, Cologne (Köln) (south/south-west) — To get to the city change to A255.
  • A7 to/from Flensburg, Kiel (north) — To get to the conferences exit at "Stellingen".
  • A7 to/from Hanover, Kassel (south)— To get to the conferences exit after the "Elbtunnel" at "Stellingen" or "Volkspark".
  • A23 to/from Husum merges with A7, where you can exit at "Stellingen" again.
  • A24 to/from Berlin ends in the east of Hamburg, where you can then follow traffic direction to city center.
To reach the main conference venue, follow traffic directions to city center. However, parking lots are a scarce resource around the university. Be prepared to pay for parking. Hamburg has a wide selection of P+R (Park+Ride) parking areas outside the city center, where you can park for free and very easily use public transport to get into the city.
At the workshop conference location (Informatikum), there is a sufficiently large parking area inside the premises.
Public transport
Hamburg has a well-developed public transport system. Buses go around the clock. At night, a special "Nachtbus" (night bus) service connects the outlying districts and the city center. The conferences' main location, the Baseler Hof, is near Dammtor. Dammtor connects to many bus lines and commuter train lines. For detailed information please have a look at or check the regional rail plan.
Tickets for public transport are available as single-trip tickets, one-day tickets, group tickets, and three-day tickets. Tickets can be bought at the bus drivers or at ticket vending machines at train stations. Tickets are valid immediately (there is no separate cancellation step).
2nd class tickets are valid for subway, commuter and regional lines, harbour ferries and most buses (only some "Schnellbus" lines and 1st class compartments in regional trains require different fares). Tickets are available in different area sizes, for all conference locations the size "Großbereich / 1–2 Ringe" is sufficient. The 2nd class single fare for this size is 2,85 EUR. (The main conference is located downtown. Lower single trip fares might apply depending on your route, please check locally.)
Please check for yourself if you can save ticket fares by buying day tickets (valid from 9 a.m. to 6 a.m. next day) or group tickets (day ticket for 2–5 persons). There are also all-day-tickets (valid from 0 a.m. to 6 a.m. next day) or three-day-tickets. A "Hamburg Card" offer for three or five days includes discounts for several touristic attractions. Please see for details.
By taxi
There is a good supply of taxis in Hamburg 24 hours a day, both at taxi stands and in the streets. Almost all taxi-vehicles are still in the traditional ivory white colour, but even if not, a yellow and black sign on the roof reading "Taxi" indicates a licensed cab.
Taxi call:
  • 040 / 666666
  • 040 / 441011
  • 040 / 211211

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