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Please see the example below on how to present your detailed structure table of your 60 ECTS in computer science. As you'll have to send it to us via postal mail as one of the required documents, please make sure you summarize all the necessary information in a detailed, but precise and compact way.

Example of how to evidence your 60 ECTS -png

Example of how to evidence your 60 ECTS- pdf

All information has to be found in an official document issued by your university = usually the transcript. If the subjects cannot be found in your transcript please state in the table where the evidence can be found, see the second row of the table for an example.

Advice: To make it easier for the Application Admission Board to find the corresponding information in your transcript, you could highlight the subject numbers or names of cs courses in a copy of your transcript (or letter of recommendation).

If you need any other information, please consult the IAS admission team via e-mail under Please consult first the information on formal requirements and information on required documents.