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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, applications via email are now possible and kindly asked for – see required documents for more information.

Formal requirements

The formal requirements are the minimum qualifications required to enter the application process.

  • 60 ECTS in core computer science subjects
  • English Proficiency Test with minimum score

Please do not apply if you do not meet the formal requirements - Please refrain from asking if you can still apply if you do not meet the formal requirements by the 31 March. The answer is always NO.

Required documents

See required documents for details on the 11 documents you have to include in your paper/pdf application to IAS Team via postal mail/ email.

Selection criteria

Here you will find the explanation of the selection criteria and the selection process of IAS selection committee.

Statistics over the last years

Each year, there are around 500 applicants and 20 free places, which are offered only to the top of applicants. Make your application worthwhile!

  • Of those 500 applicants 100 do not send the application via (postal) mail or send the application to late. They are rejected.
  • Of those 400 applicants 80 do not meet the formal requirements or miss to provide proof properly. They are rejected.
  • Of those 320 applicants 20 do not send a complete application. They are rejected.

As a result, only around 300 applicants enter the selection process and have a chance to be one of the top 20 students offered a spot on the program. That means you have around 300 applicants to compete with. Follow the instructions under the required documents to send a complete application. Analyze the selection criteria to provide all the information we need to rank you accordingly. Create a perfect application and you may have a chance of beeing one of the Top 20.

It's an international Master!

  • We receive applications from 35-40 nations around the world.
  • Usually* 10%-15% of applicants who receive a letter of acceptance are from Germany.
  • Usually* we have a mix 15-20 nations of applicants who receive a letter of acceptance.
  • Usually* female and male are close to even.
  • Over the past years the Top 1 application was always female :)
*usually means - depending merely on the quality of the application (see requirements, selection criteria).

What happens with my application after I've sent it?

See the description of Admission Process, Dates, Explanations