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The applications are selected using the following criteria:

  1. 40%: The quality of your motivational letter, in particular concerning continuing education, further professional qualifications, relevant experience, intercultural competence, and the reasons why you chose the IAS Master, why Universität Hamburg, why Hamburg, and why Germany. Here you can find out more about questions your motivational letter should answer. This part of your assessment may also include a phone/email interview. (essential: Letter of motivation, help: relevant certificates backing up your story, structured cv)
  2. 30%: The result of your highest obtained academic degree and the comparability and proximity of its content to the B.Sc. Informatik at Universität Hamburg (essential: your University's grading scale, your grade, and the self-made table for this!)
  3. 30%: Relevant professional and any international experience gained through study, profession or work abroad (essential: CV, letter of motivation)

On the ground of the selection criteria, your application will be evaluated and ranked. Please note, that only applications that meet the minimum requirements and contain all required documents will be evaluated and ranked. The criteria are rated individually and added together, with the first criterion accounting 40% and the other two 30% each.

Past years have shown that you need a ranking of around 85% to be among the Top 30 and may be accepted to the IAS Master program.

If you have any questions, you can contact the IAS Team here.