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Questions on filling out the matriculation form

The central administration of the Universität Hamburg (CampusCenter) provides its own help of how to fill out and what to prepare for enrollment. However, please find below some help of what the IAS-Team knows maybe a bit confusing.

First page "Studiengang / Abschluss" on the right-hand side

This will be filled out by the administration. You do not have to fill this box!

Section 3: "Address"

This is your German correspondence address. All mail will be sent to this address.If you do not have a German address yet, you do not have to fill this section. You can add "No German address, yet" to make that clear. Many people already have a contact in Germany and enter his/her address with a "c/o" in you name. If you do that, please do not forget to change it as soon as you have an own address. Central administration only sends out documents to German addresses!

Section 7: Prior University Education

In this you have to enter each semester that you have so far studied at a higher education institution. This includes all cancelled studies or programmes. The columns are as follows:

  1. a running number of all semesters.
  2. SS 20..: If this was a summer semester, enter the last two digits of the corresponding year in this column.
  3. WS 20..: If this was a winter semester, enter the last two digits of the corresponding year in this column.
  4. Higher Education Institution: Name of Institute/University, can be abbreviated if necessary (see examples)
  5. Degree programme: Name of programme you were enrolled for in that semester.
  6. Given leave: Have you been on official vacation in that semester? (Explanation: in Germany you can apply for a vacation semester in which you are taking a break from studying for various reasons).

Make sure you have read the notes after the table!

Section 8: Exams

This is about final examinations you have or have not passed and it has several subsections:

Preliminary examinations

These are examinations you had to pass in order to continue, but which do not lead to a degree. In degrees with two phases this could be passing the first phase before continuing the second. An example would be an intermediate diploma. You most likely have to answer no here since there are no preliminary examinations for our programme.

Final examinations (here called "qualification at tertiary level")

This corresponds to the last final examination you have passed at a higher education institute, so e.g. the BSc examination or a possible final MSc examination. Only the last one has to be entered. Please only enter degree examinations. Examinations of extra courses, e.g. Coursera or EdX do not count.

There are several boxes to be filled:

  1. Sort: Look for the number code below of the exam. If you can't see your degree (e.g. Bachelor of Science) you can enter 96 (other final exam outside Germany). The German options usually are only available as such in Germany.
  2. Course of study: The name of the programme
  3. Date: Date of examination according to the example below the boxes

Failed final examinations

Here you have to enter ultimately failed final exams, i.e. final exams that you were not allowed to repeat. If you failed an exam (e.g. BSc thesis) but were able to resubmit it and subsequently have passed, it does not count as failed exam!