FG2019 Workshop on Empathy Modelling in Real-World Scenarios: Lessons Learned from the OMG Empathy Prediction Challenge

Over the past few decades, artificial empathy has become a popular topic among researchers in the field of affective computing. To develop intelligent agents that exhibit human-like behavior in complex interaction scenarios it is important that they can understand and process human empathy. The need for empathetic systems is acute in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) scenarios, where humans create stronger bonds with robots that can understand and display empathetic behavior.

The major problem faced by the researcher community is the limited nature of relevant resources that can be used to train and evaluate standard empathy models for their application in artificial agents dealing with real-world interaction scenarios. This half-day Workshop focuses on presenting and discussing new findings, theories, systems and trends in empathy prediction for real-world scenarios. The workshop will feature a list of invited speakers with outstanding expertise in the area. We will also present and discuss the results and contributions of the OMG-Empathy Prediction challenge . Finally, we will invite contributions from researchers in this area to submit short-papers and extended abstracts to the workshop. We welcome any research related to any of the following topics:

  • - New theories and findings on empathy modelling
  • - Multimodal processing of empathetic and social signals
  • - Novel neural network models for empathy understanding
  • - Lifelong models for empathetic interactions
  • - Empathetic Human-Robot-Interaction Scenarios
  • - New neuroscientific and psychological findings on empathy representation
  • - Multi-agent communication for empathetic interactions
  • - Empathy as a decision-making modulator
  • - Personalized systems for empathy prediction