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Agent based System Development

Agents can be seen as the successors of objects and classes as well the key concept of Distributed Artifical Intelligence. The key mission of AgentTechnology is to provide all means to develope complex distributed systems faster and better.

  • Object orientation (OO) is one of the most advanced technologies that is established on the commercial system development market. There the concept of mobile Agents is quite famous.
  • Many Artifical Intelligence (AI) Technologies have been produced in the last decade. Especially in the area of Distributed Artifical Intelligence (DAI) Agents have become very popular.
  • Componentware is a new way to structure software systems.
  • AgentTechnology combines all these technologies and uses the synergetic effects by their combination.

These pages will present some relevant topics and projects in this field.

At the moment we mention just a few subdivisions:

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