Various bibliography databases which contains references on Petri Nets.

Petri Net Bibliographies

The Petri Nets Bibliography
The most comprehensive online bibliography on Petri Nets. Contains more than 8500 entries.

Introductions to Petri Nets
References on introductory material.

Applications of Petri Nets
References on Petri Nets used in practice.

Bibliography on Hybrid Petri Nets
Bibliography maintained at Universitá di Cagliari, Italy.

Bibliography on net unfoldings
Maintained by Univ.-Prof. Dr. J. Esparza.

Bibliography on Fuzzy Petri Nets
Maintained by Joachim Geidel.

Application and Theory of Petri Nets
Bibliography for the proceedings of the Petri Nets conferences.

Other Petri Nets Bibliographies
From "The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies".

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Online Collections of Papers

Related Bibliographies

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Very large collection of bibliographies, maintained by Alf-Christian Achilles. Try, e.g., to search for all bibliographies on Petri Nets or formal methods.

Finite Model Theory References
Managed by Argimiro Arratia-Quesada. (See also mirror site located in Germany.)

Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library
An international collection of computer science research reports and papers made available for non-commercial use from a number of participating institutions and archives.

DBLP Computer Science Bibliography
The DBLP server provides bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings.

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