Introductions to Petri Nets


The list below contains references to introductory material on various kinds of Petri Nets. The list is not complete but rather represents those providing a convenient starting point. Please refer to the page Bibliographies for other bibliographies on Petri Nets.


Interactive Tutorials to Petri Nets
Short animated examples on simulation, state spaces, and invariants created by Wil van der Aalst et al.

Introductory Tutorial on Petri Nets
Slides presented at the Petri Nets conference, June 2000, Aarhus, Denmark. Organised by Gianfranco Balbo, Jörg Desel, Kurt Jensen, Wolfgang Reisig, Grzegorz Rozenberg, and Manuel Silva. Contains tutorials on Elementary Net Systems, Place/Transition Nets, Coloured Petri Nets, Elementary Net Systems, and Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets. (For more tutorials see Material from Satellite Events on the conference Web page.)
Download: PDF (7.4 MB)

ICTAC Tutorial
Slides presented at the 3rd International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing, Tunis, Tunisia, 20-24 November 2006. The tutorials were held by L. Petrucci, C. Choppy, S. Haddad, Y. Thierre-Mieg, F. Kordon, and H. Klaudel and cover a wide range of topics focussing on modeling and verification.

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