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Arrival at the conference[Bearbeiten]

First arrival[Bearbeiten]

Please show up at the Registration desk at your first arrival and register as active volunteer. You'll get a brief introduction, T-shirt, name badge and a lunch voucher. Helper T-shirts are red with the word "Team" printed on the back.

We try to provide a washing service to help you having a clean shirt during the entire event.

Daily arrival[Bearbeiten]

Every helper must come to the volunteer office at it's first arrival every day! We need to confirm that you are there and if not, find someone else to do your task. We will also provide you with information and material (e.g. schedule and chair info for room support) prior to every shift.


Please always wear the red "Team"-shirt during the shifts to make it easy for the participants to recognize helpers.

Food / Lunch[Bearbeiten]

There will be catering during the entire event, providing coffee and some snacks.

Every helper will get a food voucher at the registration that is valid for the food trucks in front of the CCH to receive a warm lunch.

Venue information[Bearbeiten]

Room plans[Bearbeiten]

External shifts at IKUM[Bearbeiten]

The IKUM (InformatiKUM) is located at:

Vogt-Kölln-Strasse 30, Stellingen
Bus stop: 'Informatikum', line 281/181

Just come to house F (the tallest building), second floor (TAMS), you will probably find us already in action ;)

Team / Taskdescriptions[Bearbeiten]

Student Volunteer
Student helpers for IROS.
Job types:
  • Assembling - Assembling prior to and during the conference. Setup network, hang signs, prepare bag hand-out, ...
  • Bag giveaway - Hand out bags and t-shirts to participants after registration.
  • Bag packing - Every participant will receive a conference bag at the registration. That means: we have to prepare ~2000 bags prior to the conference.
  • Banquet registration + support (Fischauktionshalle) - Admission checks
  • Waste management - You are responsible for the tidiness of the rooms. We will provide special equipment if you might need to pick up waste.
  • Info (general support) - Be present at the building and help people with questions.
  • Registration Desk - Register conference participants, help with questions.
  • Room Support
    • Be present at the room, help speakers.
    • If this is the first session in the morning, you receive the daily schedule at the volunteer office to clip it at the room door.
    • The CVO also provides you with material for the session chairs, including:
      • Instruction for Session Chairs sheet. Datei:SessionChairs.pdf
      • Show/No-Show Form The session chair has to fill out this form during his session. You collect it afterwards and bring it back to the registration. Datei:SessionShow.pdf
      • Cards with 5/3/1 minute signs on it. These cards remain in the room for the next session. Please check, if they are there.
    • If the session chair doesn't appear, you have to announce the talks, take care of the speakers and inform the orga!
    • Fetch a laptop (PC/Mac) for your shift at the CVO. They use the standard configuration as used by the InfBib (our library)
      • Mac Book user:'MacBook-Benutzer' pass:'rzmacbook'
        Software: Keynote, LibreOffice 4.4, PDF-Viewer, Media-Player, Browser... see: [1]
        No MS-Office! Powerpoint presentations will work with Keynote, but in case of animations, some effects may not work!
      • Laptop user:'student' pass:'student', Dual-Boot system
        • Windows 7: MS-Office, LibreOffice, PD-Viewer, Media-Player, Browser...
        • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Stand-by - Keeping yourself available for suddenly necessary tasks.
  • Technical Tour attendance - Join a technical tour, help participants, hold connection to IROS Team and Tour host.
  • Transport (Equipment, Stuff) - Transport things between University and CCH. e.g: Conference bags, robots, printer, projector, computer. Might require usage of trucks / cars.
  • Welcome reception guide to Rathaus - Escort groups of participants from the CCH to the town hall by foot
Shift coordinator
Responsible for helper coordination "Who is responsible for what and when"
Takes over the job of CVO (Current volunteer organizer) (in turns)
TAMS Member
Member of the TAMS working group at the University of Hamburg