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Hinweis: Diese Seite ist hochschulpolitische Satire!

I hear there's now a new departement on the scene
as good for us as any better guilloutine
And now I understand the problems you have seen
Oh-a oh
Why did you kill 'em?
Oh-a oh
What did you tell them?

Vorstand killed the Fachbereichsrat
Vorstand killed the Fachbereichsrat
Stiehl left, in came Lahmersdorf

Oh, o o o oh,

And now they want to kill the Rechenzentrum too
We think the Vorstand really doesn't have a clue
They do not know what the Fachschaft wants to do

oh o o oh

We had enough tea.
We want more coffee.

[Vorstand killed the Fachbereichsrat]

In my mind, this is not smart.
We can rewind what's gone too far.