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Known Issues

Renew 2.5

MacOS refuses to open the App because the developer cannot be verified.

Description: MacOS refuses to open the app because the developer cannot be verified and recommends to move it to trash.

Environments: multiple versions of MacOS

Cause: Renew is not signed with an apple developer certificate. Thus it is considered malicious by MacOS.

Workaround: Explicitly allow the app to run in the Security & Privacy Settings (see Apple Support: Safely open apps on your Mac)

Already opened drawings will not come to front if they are opened again

Description: Already opened drawings do not open again. They should come to front, if they are reopend. With some window managers this behavior does not work properly. In some cases the window only comes to the front of the Renew application but not in front of the other windows. In Gnome 3 the window stays in the background and sometimes it is not clickable afterwards. Another window has to be selected before the desired window can be brought to front.

Environments: observed in different Linux window managers (including the default Gnome 3 window manager Mutter)
Since: Renew 2.4

Cause: Different behavior of window managers

Workaround: Try setting the Renew property ch.ifa.draw.window-focus-workaround to true. The property must have been set to true on Renew start to take effect.

Desktop launcher fails to load Renew in XFCE4 when the Renew executable resides in a path with whitespaces

Description: XFCE4 reports an 'Failed to execute child' error when trying to start renew with the desktop launcher. This happens when the loadrenew script resides in a path with whitespaces.

Environments: observed in XFCE4
Since: Renew 2.4

Cause: probably a XFCE4 bug.

Workaround: Install Renew into a path without whitespaces or use a symlink to the loadrenew script in a path without whitespaces for the desktop launcher.

GUI does not respond in simulation mode

Description: On rare occasions the GUI does not respond in simulation mode.

Environments: Java 1.7
Since: unknown

Cause: unknown

Workaround: In older versions of Renew using Java 1.6 seemed to solve this problem. Unfortunately this is not an option anymore since Renew 2.5 requires at least Java 1.7. It is unclear if this problem is also present with Java 1.8.

Scrolling a drawing produces graphic issues

Description: When scrolling a drawing, the content of the drawing appears garbled.

Environments: observed on Ubuntu systems. May appear on other systems as well.
Since: unknown

Cause: unknown

Workaround: Try setting the Java option sun.java2d.opengl to true. Set this option with the Java call with

as parameter or use
export JAVA_OPTS="-Dsun.java2d.opengl=true"
if you use the renew start scripts!

Syntax error message about linkage problem

Description: After editing an inscription or when compiling a net, the syntax error window shows up with the follwing message:

Variable expected, but xxx is class with linkage problem:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: some/package/xxx (wrong name: some/package/Xxx)

Environments: Windows.

Cause: Due to a bug fix from release 2.0.1 to 2.1, the Java Net Compiler no longer ignores a LinkageError reported by the class loader. One situation where the Java class loader reports such an error is when it is queried for a class name and finds a file on a case-insensitive file system (e.g. on Windows machines) that matches the name up to the case. This imposes a problem for Renew when untyped nets are combined with generic imports (e.g. import some.package.*;) or classes in the unnamed package.

Workaround: There are alternative solutions that free Renew from the need to guess what the meaning of the name is. Either...

  • ... declare all variables,
  • ... use specific imports, or
  • ... rename the variables so that they really differ from any class name.

Known Issues in old Versions of Renew

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