What was New in 1994

December 31, 1994
Created a new page which gives a quick overview of the Petri Nets Web. Without graphics, this page is also an alternative to the PN Web Home Page.
December 23, 1994
Postings on the PetriNets E-mail list are now available and grouped according to subject.
December 23, 1994
STRICT, second announcement.
December 23, 1994
The LNCS standard instructions for format of papers submitted.
December 20, 1994
WET ICE '95 - call for papers extended.
December 20, 1994
Updated alt fields for inline images in order to support text based Web browser such as Lynx.
December 16, 1994
Dynamic modelling of organizations and information systems electronic mailing list.
December 16, 1994
Most images are now interlaced (provides quicker overview of images - for some Web browsers).
December 7, 1994
Frequently asked questions about Petri Nets.
December 7, 1994
New announcements of miscellaneous events.
November 4, 1994
Finite Model Theory bibliography.
October 13, 1994
The Petri Nets bibliography updated with entries from Newsletter: 43, 44, 45, 46 and 47.
October 3, 1994
Object Petri Nets.
September 5, 1994
The Petri Nets Web was released.

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