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Mohammad Ali Zamani

Research Associate of the Knowledge Technology Group

Contact Info

Address: University of Hamburg
Department of Informatics
Vogt Koelln Str. 30
22527 Hamburg, Germany
Office: F-225
Phone: +49 40 428 83 2446
Fax: +49 40 428 83 2515
Email: zamani at informatik [dot] uni-hamburg [dot] de
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Research Interests


Short Curriculum Vitae

since May 2016 Research Associate (SECURE Project) of Knowledge Technology Research Group,
Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg, Germany.
Project: European Training Network: Safety Enables Cooperation in Uncertain Robotic Environments (SECURE)
Aug. 2015 M.Sc. in Computer Science 2012-2015, Ozyegin University, Istanbul, Turkey.,
M.Sc. Thesis: Simultaneous Human-Robot Learning for Efficient Robot Skill Synthesis,
Supervisor: Associate Prof. Erhan Oztop.
Sep. 2012- Aug. 2015 Research Assistant, Robotics Lab, Ozyegin University, from September 2012 up to August 2015 (Research supported by European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7, Converge).
July 2009-August 2012 Research Assistant, System and Machine Research Lab., University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
Supervisors: Dr. Alireza Fereidunian, Prof. Hamid Lesani and Prof. Caro Lucas.
July 2009 B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Control Engineering), School of ECE, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
B.Sc. Thesis: Design an Expert System for Adaptive Autonomy in Smart Grids,
Supervisors: Professor Hamid Lesani and Prof. Caro Lucas.


Selected Publications

Book Chapters:
Fereidunian, A., Lesani, H., Zamani, M. A., Kolarijani, M. A. S., Hassanpour, N. and Mansouri, S. S. (2015) A Complex Adaptive System of Systems Approach to Human–Automation Interaction in Smart Grid, in Contemporary Issues in Systems Science and Engineering (eds M. Zhou, H.-X. Li and M. Weijnen), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. doi: 10.1002/9781119036821.ch12
H. R. Jamalabadi, F. Boroomand, C. Lucas, A. Fereidunian, M.A. Zamani, H. Lesani, "A novel hybrid adaptive nonlinear controller using Gaussian Process Prior and Fuzzy control," 4th International Joint Conference on: Integrated Systems, Design and Technology 2010, Jun. 7-9, Siegen, Germany, LNCS, 2011, Part 3, 301-311.
M. A. Zamani, M. A. Sharifi K., A. Fereidunian, H. Lesani, C. Lucas, “Adaptive Autonomy Expert System in Smart Grid based on Deterministic Timed Petri Nets,” International Journal of Information & Communication Technology, Vol.2, No.3, pp.49-57, Nov, 2010.
Fereidunian, A., Zamani, M.A., Lesani, H., Lucas C., and Lehtonen, M., “An Expert System Realization of Adaptive Autonomy in Electric Utility Management Automation”, Journal of Applied Sciences, 9 (8): 1524-1530,2009.
Peer-Reviewed Conferences:
Zamani, M.A.; Oztop, E., "Simultaneous human-robot adaptation for effective skill transfer," Advanced Robotics (ICAR), 2015 International Conference on, Istanbul, 2015, pp. 78-84.
Fereidunian, A.; Zamani, M. A. ; Boroomand, F.; Jamalabadi, H. R.; Lesani, H.; Lucas, C.; Shariat-Torbaghan, Sh.; Meydani, M.;"AAHES: A hybrid expert system realization of Adaptive Autonomy for smart grid," 2010 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT Europe), Gothenburg, 2010, pp. 1-7.
Zamani, M. A.; Fereidunian, A.; Jamalabadi, H. R.; Boroomand, F.; Sepehri, P.; Lesani, H.; Lucas, C.;, "Smart grid IT infrastructure selection: A T3SD Fuzzy DEA approach," 2010 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT Europe), Gothenburg, 2010, pp. 1-7.
Boroomand, F.; Fereidunian, A.; Zamani, M. A.; Amozegar, M.; Jamalabadi, H. R.; Nasrollahi, H.; Moghimi, M.; Lesani, H.; Lucas, C.;, "Cyber security for Smart Grid: A human-automation interaction framework," 2010 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT Europe), Gothenburg, 2010, pp. 1-6.
Fereidunian, Alireza; Zamani, Mohammad Ali; Fatah, Bahar; Lesani, Hamid; Lucas, Caro; Kharazmi, Payam; Torabi, Habib; "Investigation of performance shaping factors in a practical human-automation interaction system," Systems Man and Cybernetics (SMC), 2010 IEEE International Conference on, Istanbul, 2010, pp. 1825-1831.
Fereidunian, A.; Zamani, M.A.; Boroomand, F.; Jamalabadi, H.R.; Lesani, H.; Lucas, C.;, "AALRES: An intelligent expert system for realization of Adaptive Autonomy using Logistic Regression," Melecon 2010 - 2010 15th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, Valletta, 2010, pp. 1534-1539.
M. A. Zamani, A. Fereidunian, S. Sharif Mansouri, H. Lesani, C. Lucas, "A fuzzy approach to T3SD-based IT infrastructure selection method in smart grid," Telecommunications (IST), 2010 5th International Symposium on, Tehran, 2010, pp. 974-978.
Fereidunian, A.; Zamani, M.A.; Lucas, C.; Lesani, H.; Lehtonen, M., "AAFES: An Intelligent Fuzzy Expert System for Realization of Adaptive Autonomy Concept," 2009 Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, Pisa, 2009, pp. 761-766.