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Cornelius Weber

Lab Manager, Knowledge Technology Group
Informatik, Universität Hamburg
Room F 233, Vogt-Koelln-Straße 30
22527 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49-40-42883-2537
Web: http://www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/~weber/index.html


My work is committed to describe the structure of the brain in a simple way. Since the brain is complex it is better described by the mechanisms that shape it. Intrinsic mechanisms are specified by the genetic code, or by the programmer. Activity-driven learning mechanisms are the contribution of the environment.

The brain is best understood by an integrative view of the many different coding and learning strategies in its diverse structures. While computational neuroscience is often highly specialised and intelligent robotics AI-oriented, the field in between offers an opportunity to combine and validate models of neuroscience.

At the FIAS in Frankfurt, I have participated in the proposals of the projects Bernstein Focus: Neurotechnology Frankfurt and IM-CLeVeR. Now I am taking part in the RobotDoC and the KSERA projects and further proposals.


2006-2010 Junior Fellow, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Frankfurt
2002-2005 Research Scientist, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, University of Sunderland, UK
2000-2001 Postdoc, Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Rochester, NY
1995-2000 Teaching Assistant and acquisition of PhD, NI group, Technische Universität Berlin
1989-1995 Study of Physics, Diploma, Faculty of Physics, techfak, University of Bielefeld
1987 Abitur, Max-Planck-Gymnasium Bielefeld


Best books. Linear Algebra, Neural Computation, Python, teaching, ICANN 2014
Labs: Rolls/Stringer Hinton Grossberg Olshausen Rao Zhang Billard Toussaint Oudeyer
Local: HCNS Lectures & Events Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar
Search: ixquick, hulbee, qwant, metager, google, yahoo, ask, yandex, duckduckgo, deepdyve, yippy, kartoo, yacy, wolframalpha
Infotain: golem.de, BBC, guardian, SPIEGEL, sz, MOPO, digg, TheRobotReport, JoVE, TED EXPO21XX
Initiatives: OSB, FSF, BUND, ADFC, FUSS, AI
My aquarium: father-, mother-, baby- white cloud mountain minnows

Selected Publications (see the group's publications for recent updates)

Socially Assistive Robots: A comprehensive approach to extending independent living
D.O. Johnson, R. Cuijpers, J.F. Juola, E. Torta, M. Simonov, A. Frisiello, M. Bazzani, W. Yan, C. Weber, S. Wermter, N. Meins, J. Oberzaucher, P. Panek, G. Edelmayer, P. Mayer, C. Beck (2013) International Journal of Social Robotics

Learning indoor robot navigation using visual and sensorimotor map information
W. Yan, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2013) Front. Neurorobot. 7:15. doi: 10.3389/fnbot.2013.00015
C-code of simulator

Embodied Language Understanding with a Multiple Timescale Recurrent Neural Network
S. Heinrich, C. Weber, S. Wermter (2013) ICANN, pp. 216-223, Springer.

A Predictive Network Architecture for a Robust and Smooth Robot Docking Behavior
J. Zhong, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2013) Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics
, videos:

Selbstorganisierende und kognitive Karten
in Nils Zurawski's Ringvorlesung Die Welt der Karten (2013)

Learning Features and Predictive Transformation Encoding based on a Horizontal Product Model
J. Zhong, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2012) ICANN, LNCS 7552, pp. 539-546, Springer.

Short version presented at the ICCNS 2012 (Boston) as abstract: , poster:

Adaptive Learning of Linguistic Hierarchy in a Multiple Timescale Recurrent Neural Network
S. Heinrich, C. Weber, S. Wermter (2012) ICANN, LNCS 7552, pp. 555-562, Springer.
, supplement:

A SOM-Based Model for Multi-Sensory Integration in the Superior Colliculus
J. Bauer, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2012) IJCNN

A Neural Approach for Robot Navigation based on Cognitive Map Learning
W. Yan, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2012) IJCNN
, video:

Real-world reinforcement learning for autonomous humanoid robot docking
N. Navarro-Guerrero, C. Weber, P. Schroeter and S. Wermter (2012) Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 60(11):1400-1407

Real-World Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Humanoid Robot Charging in a Home Environment
N. Navarro, C. Weber, S. Wermter (2011) TAROS
; video: ; : 20120525_reinforcement.learning.zip

Learning the Optimal Control of Coordinated Eye and Head Movements
S. Saeb, C. Weber, J. Triesch (2011) PLoS Computational Biology, 7(11): e1002253. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1002253
, supplementary material: ,

A hybrid probabilistic neural model for person tracking based on a ceiling-mounted camera
W. Yan, C. Weber, S. Wermter (2011) Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments 3(3):237-252
, video:

Person tracking based on a hybrid neural probabilistic model
W. Yan, C. Weber, S. Wermter (2011) ICANN

Reward-Driven Learning of Sensorimotor Laws and Visual Features
J. Kleesiek, C. Weber, S. Wermter, A. Engel (2011) ICDL-EpiRob

Development of coordinated eye and head movements during gaze shifts
S. Saeb, C. Weber, J. Triesch (2011) Vision Sciences Society (VSS) Meeting, Naples, Florida, USA

Learning coordinated eye and head movements: unifying principles and architectures
S. Saeb, C. Weber, J. Triesch (2010) Front. Comput. Neurosci. Conference Abstract: Bernstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience

Goal-Directed Learning of Features and Forward Models
S. Saeb, C. Weber and J. Triesch (2009) Neural Networks, 22(5-6), pp. 586-92.

Toward a goal-directed construction of state spaces
S. Saeb, C. Weber (2009) Proc. Berstein Conference on Computational Neuroscience, Frankfurt, Germany, pp. 125-126.
abstract; poster:

Goal-Directed Feature Learning
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2009) In: Proc. IJCNN
; talk: ; Code in Python (simplified) : SARSA_2layer.py, lookpy.tcl GUI in Tcl/TK

A Neural Model for the Adaptive Control of Saccadic Eye Movements
S. Saeb, C. Weber and J. Triesch (2009) In: Proc. IJCNN
; talk:

Implementations and Implications of Foveated Vision
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2009) Recent Patents on Computer Science, 2(1), pp. 75-85

planning phase anim From Exploration to Planning
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2008) In: Proc. ICANN

From Motor Babbling to Planning
C. Weber (March 2008) Bio-Inspired Autonomous Systems Workshop, Southampton, UK, invited talk
(abstract); talk:

How do we approach intrinsic motivation computationally?
C. Weber (2008) A commentary on this paper in Frontiers in Neurorobotics

Reinforcement Learning Embedded in Brains and Robots
C. Weber, M. Elshaw, S. Wermter, J. Triesch and C. Willmot (2008) In: Reinforcement Learning: Theory and Applications
Simple examples in Python : Actor Critic , SARSA. GUI in Tcl/TK

Reservoir Computing for Sensory Prediction and Classification in Adaptive Agents
C. Weber, K. Masui, N.M. Mayer, J. Triesch and M. Asada (2008) In: Machine Learning Research Progress, NOVA publishers

A Sparse Generative Model of V1 Simple Cells with Intrinsic Plasticity
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2008) Neural Computation, 20, pp. 1261-84
: helmholtz.py (main file), retina.py, KTimage.py, lookpy.tcl, data.tar.gz

Intrinsic plasticity in a generative model of V1
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2007) In: Proc. Dynamic Brain Forum
; poster:

topography through neuronal tension demo Fire together — wire together — come together
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2007) In: Proceedings of COSYNE
(1-page abstract); animated gif; neurons with receptive fields as animated gif (40MB) and avi:

Neuronal tension may co-shape V1 orientation maps
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2007) In: Proceedings of the 31st Göttingen Neurobiology Conference
(1-page abstract); poster: ; poster sources: tgz

Toward Understanding the Visual System: the emergence of simple cells in V1
C. Weber (Oct. 2006) Internal talk at FIAS, and at a meeting of the "Daisy" EU project, Zürich, March 2007

Neural control of actions involving different coordinate systems
C. Weber, M. Elshaw,, J. Triesch and S. Wermter (2007) In: Humanoid Robots: Human-like Machines
sciyo link; scientificcommons link

pos(x1) + pos(x2) = pos(x3) (modulo rotation) A Self-organizing map of Sigma-Pi units
C. Weber and S. Wermter (2007) Neurocomputing, 70(13-15), 2552-2560
science direct link;

A camera-direction dependent visual-motor coordinate transformation for a visually guided neural robot
C. Weber and Muse, D. and M. Elshaw and S. Wermter (2006) Knowledge-Based Systems, 19(5), 348-55

A possible representation of reward in the learning of saccades
C. Weber and J. Triesch (2006) In: Proc. Epigenetic Robotics, pp. 153-60
; talk:

A hybrid generative and predictive model of the motor cortex
C. Weber and S. Wermter and M. Elshaw (2006) Neural Networks, 19(4), 339-53.
code intro: Simulator.ppt

Robot docking based on omnidirectional vision and reinforcement learning
D. Muse, C. Weber and S. Wermter (2006) Knowledge-Based Systems, 19(5), 324-32

phase network demo phase network demo phase network demo
orig. reconstr. phase reconstr.
Image segmentation by complex-valued units
C. Weber and S. Wermter (2005) In: Proceedings of the ICANN Conference © Springer-Verlag
; talk:

Grasping with flexible viewing-direction with a learned coordinate transformation network
C. Weber, K. Karantzis and S. Wermter (2005) In: Proc. Humanoids
; videos:

Reinforcement learning in MirrorBot
C. Weber, D. Muse, M. Elshaw and S. Wermter (2005) In: Proceedings of the ICANN Conference
; talk:

Grounding neural robot language in action.
S. Wermter, C. Weber, M. Elshaw, V. Gallese and F. Pulvermuller (2005) In: Biomimetic Neural Learning for Intelligent Robots
Eds: S. Wermter, Palm, G. and M. Elshaw Springer, Heidelberg, ISBN: 3-540-27440-5

A mirror neuron inspired hierarchical network for action selection
M. Elshaw, C. Weber, A. Zochios and S. Wermter (2004) In: Proceedings of NeuroBotics Workshop, Ulm, Germany, pp. 98-105

Neural robot control
C. Weber (December 2004) Invited talk at Nottingham Trent University

Associative neural models for biomimetic multi-modal learning in a mirror neuron-based robot
S. Wermter, C. Weber and M. Elshaw (2004) In: Modeling Language, Cognition and Action
Eds: Cangelosi, A. and Bugmann, G. and Borisyuk, R., World Scientific Publishing, ISBN 981-256-324-5

Towards multimodal neural robot learning
S. Wermter, C. Weber, M. Elshaw, C. Panchev, H. Erwin and F. Pulvermuller (2004) Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 47, pp. 171-5

Robot docking with neural vision and reinforcement
C. Weber, S. Wermter and A. Zochios (2004) Knowledge-Based Systems, 17 (2-4), pp. 165-72
; videos:

Visually guided grasping robot MIRA
C. Weber, A. Zochios, C. Rowan, M. Elshaw and S. Wermter (2003) Contribution winning the MACHiNE iNTELLiGENCE PRiZE
-article in the local newspaper Sunderland Echo; lab demo:

Object localization using laterally connected "what" and "where" associator networks
C. Weber and S. Wermter (2003) In: Proceedings of the joint ICANN/ICONIP Conference © Springer-Verlag
; animated gif

Self-organization of orientation maps, lateral connections, and dynamic receptive fields in the primary visual cortex
C. Weber (2001) In: Proceedings of the ICANN Conference
; GIF's of the weights: Wbu Vtd Vlat
One-page essay: De-noised coding by lateral interactions

Maximum a posteriori models for cortical modeling: feature detectors, topography and modularity
C. Weber (2000) PhD thesis, Technical University of Berlin

Emergence of modularity within one sheet of neurons: a model comparison
C. Weber and K. Obermayer (2001) In: Emergent Neural Computational Architectures based on Neuroscience
Eds: S. Wermter, J. Austin, D. Willshaw. Springer, Heidelberg, ISBN: 3-540-42363-X

Emergence of modularity within one sheet of intrinsically active stochastic neurons
C. Weber and K. Obermayer (2000) In: Proceedings of the ICONIP Conference, invited
; talk:

Structured models from structured data: emergence of modular information processing within one sheet of neurons
C. Weber and K. Obermayer (2000) In: Proceedings of the IJCNN Conference

Orientation selective cells emerge in a sparsely coding Boltzmann machine
C. Weber and K. Obermayer (1999) In: Proceedings of the 9th ICANN Conference

C. Weber and K. Obermayer (1999) In: Proceedings of the 27th Göttingen Neurobiology Conference
(1-page Abstract) Weight growth as animated gif (2.6 MB). Scales: 1x , 2x

Development and regeneration of the retinotectal map in goldfish: a computational study
C. Weber and H. Ritter, J. Cowan, and K. Obermayer (1997) Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. Lond. B., 352, pp. 1603-1623

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