Arbeitsbereich WSVFachbereich InformatikUniversität Hamburg
Frank Schilder, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (Hochschulassistent) up to 2003, now Senior Research Scientist at Thomson Legal & Regulatory in Eagan, MN, USA
Discourse Processing
The automatic derivation of the discourse structure of texts and the formal analysis of the semantics of discourse markers (e.g. after and before). Applications: automatic summarisations of texts, question answering systems
The understanding of ambiguities in language at sentence and discourse level as well as the generation of flexible input increments for natural language generation systems. Applications: discourse parser, question-answer systems
Extraction of Temporal Information
The annotation of temporal information and the automatic derivation of the meaning of temporal expressions and event descriptions. Applications: temporal question answering, multi- document summarisation
The modelling of multi-modal human-computer-interaction. Formal specification of different channels (e.g. visual vs. auditive). Applications: communicative agents in virtual environments
Discourse and Event Structure
Multimodality: representation und communication
Extraction of temporal, spatial and causal information from news messages
Linguistic and multimodal routes description