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Dr. Carola Eschenbach

Akademische Oberrätin (Lecturer)
  • Formal theories of basic properties and relations
  • Mereology (formal theory of the part-of relation and its conceptual relatives overlap, disjointness and sum (fusion))
  • Mereotopology (formalization of topologic structures on the basis of mereology) and similar accounts for modelling being a whole and concepts of integrity
  • Semantics of natural language (lexical semantics and compositionality)
  • Syntax and semantics of count phrases and measure phrases (three liters of wine, three head of cattle, three herds of cattle, length of twenty meters)
  • Formalisation of spatial concepts
  • Frames of reference in natural language and their formalisations
  • Representation of spacial dynamics and trajectories of movement
International Research Training Group CINACS
Linguistic and multimodal routes description
Discourse and Event Structure
Formal, artificial and natural ontology: Systems of concepts, spatial struture, and time
Axiomatics of Spatial Concepts
Verbally Assisting Virtual-Environment Tactile Maps
Functions and Roles
Within the study programme human-computer interaction: Mentor
Lehrplanungsbeauftragte des Department Informatik