Workshop PNSE'97

Petri Nets in System Engineering

Modelling, Verification, and Validation

Hamburg, Germany, September 25-26, 1997

For the successful realisation of complex systems of interacting and reactive software and hardware components the use of a precise language at different stages of the development process is of crucial importance. Petri nets are becoming increasingly popular in this area, as they provide a uniform language supporting the tasks of modelling, validation and verification. Their popularity is due to the fact that fundamental aspects of causality, concurrency and choice are captured by Petri nets in a natural and mathematically precise way without compromising readability.

The workshop PNSE'97 (Petri nets in System Engineering) will take place at the University of Hamburg on September 25-26. The workshop is organized by the members of the European community project MATCH (Modelling and Analysis of Time Constrained and Hierarchical Systems). Project partners include the universities of Eindhoven, Genova, Hamburg, Paris, Turin, Vienna, and Zaragoza.

Scope: The use of Petri nets (P/T-nets, coloured nets and extensions) in the formal process of System Engineering, covering modelling, validation and verification, is presented as well as their application and tools supporting the disciplines mentioned above.

Please note: The participation at the workshop is free.

For further information about PNSE'97 contact the local organizing team by email at
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