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  1.  !/usr/bin/env python

'''Generate Metapost Bullshitbingo cards. Feed it with newline separated wordlist with utf-8 encoded words (sic!) and pipe the result to "bbcard.mp". (To then create the cards, follow the documentation in "bbcard.mp"). The metapost code will generate a random sheet with 4 BullshitBingo-cards on it named bbcards.ps, or if it receives a parameter "n" it generates the files bbcards.1 to bbcards.n @author 4tmuelle, slightly modified by 7giese ''' import subprocess import sys import os try: if os.geteuid() == 0: print >>sys.stderr, 'You are root! Go away, N00B!' sys.exit(1) except OSError: pass print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading utf-8 encoded wordlist from stdin!' bullshit_metapost = r''' % bullshit bingo card % prepared by patrick tj mcphee, december 2002 ptjm@interlog.com % released to the public domain. have fun % to run off a single card, give a command like % mpost bbcard % and the card will written to bbcard.ps % to run off cards for several players, try % mpost '\nocards := 7; input bbcard' % and the cards will be written to bbcard.1, bbcard.2, .., bbcard.7 % to add additional phrases, duplicate one of the lines starting with % i := i + 1; bs[i] := % and replace the phrase in quotes % I keep them in alphabetical order to ease maintenance, but you don't % have to. I suggest commenting out phrases which are not known in % your community and adding the irritating ones which are. input breakwidth; defaultfont := "ptmr8r"; prologues := 2; string bs[]; i := 0; $$$BULLSHIT_WORDLIST$$$ bsmax := i; radius := .5 cm; offset := 1 cm; boxwid := 1.9 cm; % co-ordinates for the grid pair bpos[], bpos[].ll, bpos[].ul, bpos[].ur, bpos[].lr; for i = 0 upto 4: for j = 0 upto 4: bpos[i+j*5+1] := ((j+0.5)*boxwid, (i+0.5)*boxwid); bpos[i+j*5+1].ll := (j*boxwid, i*boxwid); bpos[i+j*5+1].ul := (j*boxwid, (i+1)*boxwid); bpos[i+j*5+1].lr := ((j+1)*boxwid, i*boxwid); bpos[i+j*5+1].ur := ((j+1)*boxwid, (i+1)*boxwid); endfor; endfor; picture bbcard[]; % the grid itself bbcard[0] := image( z1 = (0, radius) = z2 - (0, 5boxwid - 2radius) = z6 - (5boxwid, 0) = z8 - (radius, -radius); z3 = z8 + (0, 5boxwid) = z4 - (5boxwid-2radius, 0); x5 = x6; y5 = y2; x7 = x4; y7 = y8; pickup pencircle xscaled 4pt yscaled 1pt rotated 30; draw z1---z2..z3---z4..z5---z6..z7---z8..cycle; fill ((unitsquare shifted -(.5,.5)) scaled boxwid) shifted bpos[13] withcolor .8 white; pickup pencircle scaled 1pt; for i = 2 upto 5: draw bpos[i].ll--bpos[i+20].lr; endfor; for i = 10 step 5 until 25: draw bpos[i].ul--bpos[i-4].ll; endfor; ); % handle > 1 card if nocards was set on the command-line if known nocards: for bsno = 1 upto nocards: else: if unknown bsno: bsno := -1; fi; fi; % select the strings for each card % after we're done, we set the middle square to `Free Square' % dups[] is used to keep track of already used values to eliminate % duplicates within each grid (a playing card has four grids on it) for bb = 1 upto 4: string bstring[]; numeric dups[]; for i = 1 upto 25: j := 1+floor(uniformdeviate bsmax); forever: exitif unknown dups[j]; j := 1+floor(uniformdeviate bsmax); endfor; dups[j] := i; bstring[i] = bs[j]; endfor; bstring[13] := "Free Square"; bbcard[bb] := image( draw bbcard[0]; for i = 1 upto 25: label(breaktowidth(bstring[i], 1.5cm, 11pt), bpos[i]); endfor; ); endfor; beginfig(bsno); picture p; p := ("Bullshit Bingo" infont defaultfont scaled 2) shifted ((offset, 3offset)+2.25*ulcorner bbcard[0]); fill ((llcorner p)..(ulcorner p).. tension 2 .. (urcorner p).. (lrcorner p) .. tension 2 .. cycle) withcolor .5 white; draw p withcolor white; draw ("Advanced Playing Card" infont defaultfont scaled 1.2) shifted ((lrcorner p) + (10pt, 6pt)); draw ("Stay awake!" infont defaultfont) shifted ((lrcorner p) + (10pt, -14pt)); draw ("Watch for duplicates!" infont defaultfont) shifted ((lrcorner p) + (10pt, -25pt)); draw ("Have fun!" infont defaultfont) shifted ((lrcorner p) + (10pt, -36pt)); draw bbcard[1] shifted (offset, offset); draw bbcard[2] shifted ((1.25offset, offset)+lrcorner bbcard[0]); draw bbcard[3] shifted ((1.25offset, 2offset)+urcorner bbcard[0]); draw bbcard[4] shifted ((offset, 2offset)+ulcorner bbcard[0]); endfig; if known nocards: endfor; fi; end; ''' wordlist = [] for word in sys.stdin.readlines(): wordlist.append(word.decode('utf-8').strip()) bullshitwordlist = '\n'.join(['''i := i + 1; bs[i] := "%s";''' % word for word in wordlist]) print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing Metapost file to bbcard.mp!' file('bbcard.mp', 'w').write( bullshit_metapost.replace('$$$BULLSHIT_WORDLIST$$$', bullshitwordlist).encode('latin1')) if len(sys.argv) > 1: number_of_cards = int(sys.argv[1]) cmd = ['mpost', r'\nocards := %s; input bbcard' % number_of_cards] else: cmd = ['mpost', 'bbcard.mp'] print >>sys.stderr, 'Trying to run %s!' % ' '.join(cmd) subprocess.check_call(cmd) #