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Known Issues

Renew 2.6

MacOS refuses to open the App because the developer cannot be verified.

Description: MacOS refuses to open the app because the developer cannot be verified and recommends to move it to trash.

Environments: multiple versions of MacOS

Cause: Renew is not signed with an apple developer certificate. Thus it is considered malicious by MacOS.

Workaround: Explicitly allow the app to run in the Security & Privacy Settings (see Apple Support: Safely open apps on your Mac)

Syntax error message about linkage problem

Description: After editing an inscription or when compiling a net, the syntax error window shows up with the follwing message:

Variable expected, but xxx is class with linkage problem:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: some/package/xxx (wrong name: some/package/Xxx)

Environments: Windows.

Cause: Due to a bug fix from release 2.0.1 to 2.1, the Java Net Compiler no longer ignores a LinkageError reported by the class loader. One situation where the Java class loader reports such an error is when it is queried for a class name and finds a file on a case-insensitive file system (e.g. on Windows machines) that matches the name up to the case. This imposes a problem for Renew when untyped nets are combined with generic imports (e.g. import some.package.*;) or classes in the unnamed package.

Workaround: There are alternative solutions that free Renew from the need to guess what the meaning of the name is. Either...

  • ... declare all variables,
  • ... use specific imports, or
  • ... rename the variables so that they really differ from any class name.

Known Issues in old Versions of Renew

Uni HH, CS

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