The People who Helped to Build Renew

The Petri net related code of Renew was written at the Theoretical Foundations Group and at the Distributed Systems Group of the Department for Informatics of the University of Hamburg.

  • Olaf Kummer (now at CoreMedia AG) developed the reference net formalism and implemented the simulation engine.
  • Frank Wienberg (also at CoreMedia AG) implemented the graphical user interface and developed the feature structure net formalism.
  • Michael Duvigneau aided in the implementation of parts of the graphical user interface and the simulation engine.
  • Lawrence Cabac added a lot to the usability of the Renew user interface and to Renew's integration within Mac OS X. He also provides several additional plugins.
  • Michael Haustermann and David Mosteller helped to maintain Renew since release 2.4 and are the official maintainers of Renew since version 2.5.

But Renew would not have reached its current state without the help of many other people, who contributed many ideas and a large part of the Renew libraries. (Individuals listed in alphabetical order before groups.)

  • Berndt Müller aided in the creation of the Apple Macintosh version in earlier releases.
  • Mark Donszelmann provides the FreeHep Vector Graphics library.
  • Erich Gamma designed JHotDraw, the basis of our graphical user interface.
  • Michael Köhler-Bußmeier programmed some nice extensions of Renew and gave valuable application feedback.
  • Doug Lea implemented the collections package, which simplified the implementation of the simulation engine greatly.
  • Bill McKeeman created the Java Grammar, which is used as basis for the grammar of our inscription language.
  • David Megginson wrote the SAX API, which is used for our XML parser.
  • Daniel Moldt provided many interesting ideas on object-oriented Petri nets and participated in many valuable discussions.
  • Heiko Rölke programmed some nice extensions of Renew and gave valuable application feedback.
  • At SunTest Sriram Sankar invented JavaCC which we use as our parser generator.
  • Rüdiger Valk gave interesting comments, hints, and suggestions for example models.
  • Maryam Purvis, Da Deng, and Selena Lemalu from the Department of Information Science, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand kindly aided us in the translation of parts of the documentation and are involved in an interesting application project.
  • Several students, most notably Matthias Ernst and Eberhard Wolff, participated in the development of an earlier framework for object-oriented Petri nets.
  • Jörn Schumacher implemented the prototype of the plug-in system introduced with Renew 2.0.
  • Benjamin Schleinzer helped in the preparation of release of Renew 2.2, implemented the simulation thread pool and introduced the FreeHep vector graphics package.
  • The students who helped with the development and release of Renew 2.6, 4.0 and 4.1, namely Youssef Al Shriteh, Deert Bessey, Sven Billigmann, Marvin Brendel, Laif-Oke Clasen, Valerij Dobler, Kjell Ehlers, Marcel Hansson, Max Hartenstein, Alexander Heinze, Benjamin Hosseini, Karl Ihlenfeldt, Jan Robert Janneck, Jonte Johnsen, Svenja Junghans, Abdulssatar Khateb, Laszlo Korte, Tim Kowalczyk, Valentin Krön, Jannik Kronziel, Clemens Kurz, Hamed Mohammadi, Patrick Mohr, Rana Mostafa, Justus Müller, Justin Pietsch, Morten Purwin, Tim Radke, Jannis Schuhardt, Malte Schuldt, Sven Schwartz, Alexander Senger, Relana Steckenbach, Miriam Strulik, Marvin Taube, Kiro Vasilovski, Thorwin Vogt, Lukas Voß, Kevin Wessel, Christian Willner and Sven Willrodt.
  • Valuable contributions and suggestions were made by students and scientific workers at the University of Hamburg, most notably Hannes Ahrens, Tobias Betz, Jan Bolte, Lars Braubach, Timo Carl, Dominic Dibbern, Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs, Matthias Ernst, Matthias Feldmann, Max Friedrich, Daniel Friehe, Olaf Großler, Julia Hagemeister, Sven Heitsch, Marcin Hewelt, Jan Hicken, Thomas Jacob, Andreas Kanzlers, Lutz Kirsten, Till Kothe, Annette Laue, Matthias Liedtke, Marcel Martens, Klaus Mitreiter, Konstantin Möllers, Eva Müller, Jens Norgall, Sven Offermann, Felix Ortmann, Martin Pfeiffer, Alexander Pokahr, Tobias Rathjen, Dennis Reher, Christian Röder, Heiko Rölke, Benjamin Schleinzer, Jan Schlüter, Marc Schönberg, Jörn Schumacher, Michael Simon, Fabian Sobanski, Volker Tell, Benjamin Teuber, Thomas Wagner, Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus, Martin Wincierz, and Eberhard Wolff.
  • We would like to thank the numerous users of Renew who provided hints and constructive criticism. They helped greatly in improving the quality of the code and the documentation. In particular, we would like to name Alun Champion and Zacharias Tsiatsoulis.

We are seeking contributors who want to improve Renew. Your name could be here.

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