Plug-ins for Release 2.5

These plug-ins are provided under the same license terms as the basic Renew distribution.

Before you can use these plug-ins, you must have a Renew base distribution installed. The download page contains the basic packages.

You can download ...

These jar files are installed by copying the file into the renew2.5/plugins directory. Their functionality is available at the next Renew startup.

The documentation and the source code for these five plug-ins is included in the Renew source distribution.

Reference Net Components

We also offer a set of example net components for reference nets that can be used with the NetComponents plug-in. The standard component set comes as a plug-in of its own. It is distributed under the same license as Renew itself.

Extract the archive to the renew2.5/plugins directory.

You can download and extract...

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