Plug-ins for Release 2.3

These plug-ins are provided under the same license terms as the basic Renew distribution.

Before you can use these plug-ins, you must have a Renew base distribution installed. The archive contains the basic packages. We recommend to use the current version, which is available on the download page.

You can download ...

These jar files are installed by copying the file into the renew2.3/plugins directory. Their functionality is available at the next Renew startup.

The documentation and the source code for these five plug-ins is included in the Renew source distribution.

Net Components for Reference Nets

Since release 2.1, we also offer a set of net components for reference nets that can be used with the NetComponents plug-in. The standard component set comes as a plug-in of its own. It is distributed under the same license as Renew itself. The components repository in the tools directory can be modified by adding Renew drawings (.rnw). You can provide an image icon in tools/images and modify the order by editing the .sequence file.

Just unzip the plugin in the renew2.3/plugins directory.

You can download and extract...

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