Ethiopian Language Support for the Babel Package

By Berhanu Beyene, Prof. Dr. Manfred Kudlek, Olaf Kummer, and Jochen Metzinger.

This is a collection of fonts and TeX macros that enable you to typeset the characters of the languages of Ethiopia. You can download the package in version 0.7 here. Version 0.7 is now compatible with the Omega typesetting system. We are using the GNU GPL as our license now.

The unpacked files are also available from or every CTAN mirror. If the installation hints in the readme file do not help, you might contact us at

Possible updates will occur here first.


If you know of bugs not reported here, please contact us at

Version 0.2

Version 0.3

No known bugs.

Version 0.4

Version 0.5

No known bugs.

Version 0.6

No known bugs.

Version 0.7

No known bugs.

Other sites for the Ethiopian languages

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