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Tool homepage: http://tmitwww.tm.tue.nl/research/xrl/flower

Tool availability: Free of charge

Tool Features

Petri Nets Supported (see also help on terminology) Components (see also help on terminology)


Tool Description

A Web-based system called XRL/flower for carrying out Petri-net based workflows described with XRL (eXchangeable Routing Language). XRL/flower uses XML technology and is implemented in Java on top of the Petri-net Kernel PNK. Standard XML tools can be deployed to parse, check, and handle XRL documents. The XRL enactment application is complemented with a Web server, allowing actors to interact with the system through the internet. A database allows the enactment engine and the Web server to exchange information with each other. Since XRL is instance based, a modelled workflow serves as a template that needs to be copied and may be possibly rened for enactment. For that purpose XRL constructs are automatically translated into Petri-net constructs. As a result, the system is easy to extend: For supporting a new control flow primitive, the engine itself does not need to change. Furthermore, the Petri net representation can be analyzed using state-of-the-art analysis techniques and tools.

Contact Information

A. Norta (former Hirnschall), M.Sc. 
Pav. J02
Postbus 513
The Netherlands 

Phone:  +31 - 040 - 247 5407
Fax:    +31 - 040 - 243 2612
E-mail: a.norta@tm.tue.nl

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