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Tool Description

The IOPT-Tools is a cloud-based tool-chain offering a complete set of Petri net tools with a web interface supporting digital embedded controllers development. IOPT-nets (Input-Output Place-Transition Petri nets) are used as underlying Petri net class, supporting input and output signals and events, considering a maximal step and single server semantics, using a cycle accurate execution. The tools include an interactive graphical Petri net editor, a simulator, a model-checking subsystem composed of a state-space generator, state-space visualization and a query system, and automatic code generation tools that produce software C code or VHDL hardware descriptions ready to be deployed into implementation platforms. All interactive tools are executed directly in the user's Web Browser using AJAX principles, but file-storage and intensive processing operations are processed in the server, enabling the use of lightweight terminal equipment to access the tools, as simple as smart-phones or tablet computers.

Contact Information

Luis Gomes
Univ. Nova Lisboa / UNINOVA
Campus de Caparica - FCT-DEE
2829-516 Monte de Caparica

Phone:  +351-212948336
Fax:    +351-212948532

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