Petri Nets Mailing Lists

One of the main relevant mailing lists for the Petri Nets community is petrinet (mostly for announcements, questions, and summaries). Find more information about it below.

Please write to in case you wish to contact the moderator directly.

There are also more mailing lists which may be useful for people interested in Petri Nets and related topics.

PetriNets Mailing List

The petrinet mailing list is for announcements of events, conferences, workshops, open positions, books, software, questions etc.

If you encounter any problems please do not hesitate and contact us directly via

How to Subscribe to the List

Just write an email to the body and subject line are ignored.

You will receive an email to which you simply reply. Then you are on the list. (In this way no one can just subscribe you to a list.)

A welcome message (including a password) will be send to you afterwards.

You may also wish to register with our supplementary address database service such that people can quickly find your contact information.

How to View Previous Posted Messages

All postings distributed on the PetriNets mailing list are archived in a database. You can search the archive of postings for more information.

How to Post a Message

Before you post a message to the mailing list we suggest that you check if a similar posting has already been sent to the list. The easiest is to search the archive of postings.

It is also useful to check the list of frequently asked question before posting.

You may send postings to the mailing list by using the e-mail address Please set the subject field to something meaningful.

You will not see the posting immediately because the mailing list is moderated, and hence each posting will first be reviewed by the moderator before distribution.

How to Unsubscribe, Change E-mail Address, or ...

Most subscription configuration can be changed via email commands to For a list of commands send a message containing the word help in the subject line or the body to this address.

If you wish to change e-mail address, please first unsubscribe with the old e-mail address and then subscribe with the new address. (Remember also to update the address database if you are listed there.)

If you encounter any problems please contact us directly via

Other Mailing Lists

The Petri Net Interchange Format Mailing List
The purpose of this mailing list is to put forward the standardisation of an interchange format for Petri Nets.
This list is dedicated to discussing the possible relation between basic combinatorial structures as introduced by Petri. Maintained by Cornelio Hopmann.

The SOFTVERF mailing list is an electronic discourse community for people interested in formal verification of software.
Mailing list for theoretical computer science.

Public Accessible Mailing Lists. Very large collection of mailing lists available through the Internet - covering all kinds of topics.
Yahoo! Groups
Archives many mailing lists, including PetriNets.
Catalog of LISTSERV lists.
Collection in Yahoo of resources on mailing list databases.

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