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This is the page explaining how to fill out the STiNE online form. This form is only a part of the application. Although, STiNE is called "online application form" it is just the way to formally register with the central administration of the Universität Hamburg. You will receive a BW -Number (application number) informing the central administration and the Department of Informatics that you are planning to apply.

The online form is not accessible outside the application period of February 15th to March 31st. Then go to STiNE main page and go to "Application" (Ger: "Bewerbung"). You have to first create an account, then log in, and come back to the application page. Then you can select "Online Application" in the left-hand menu and continue from there.

Check that you select: Master, Semester 1 (meaning that you start with the first semester), Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Admission restricted.

Questions on filling out the form

Most information you will enter in the form is stored in the central database and will be used for administrative purposes and statistics. The IAS Team and the selection committee will directly work with the certificates and documents you provide to the IAS Team. If you have problems filling out the form because the form doesn't let you enter your information correctly, please choose the closest entry and enter a comment at the end. Sometimes using another browser will help. The most common problems are listed further below. You can save your progress and continue filling the form at a later point. IMPORTANT: Once finished with the form, save it (correct all errors that are mentioned),submit it, print the summary pages and sign the summary page! These are the pages you have to provide by post or email together with the other required documents. Applications without signature are incomplete and do not take part in the application process!

  • For further questions about STiNE please ask the technical support of STiNE. STiNE is a part of the central administration - not the IAS Team's or Faculty of Informatic's platform, see STiNE support.

Where can I find the "Intelligent Adaptive Systems" Program?

After you have clicked on "Courses offered", select "Intelligent Adaptive Systems" in the "Subject" drop-down list and click search. Our program will be one of the results. Select: Master, Semester 1 (meaning that you start with the first semester), Intelligent Adaptive Systems, Admission restricted. Click on "Apply" to continue. DO NOT choose Erasmus, Freemover, or Prepatory-Course that is wrong and you will fail to register. That means your application will not take part in the application process.

What has to be entered under "Information on undergraduate program or first degree program"?

In this section you have to enter previous studies that are relevant to the master's degree you are applying for. If you have not finished your previous studies in Germany please choose under "Bundesland der Hochschule" the option "Nicht in Deutschland (Not in Germany)". In another section you are asked to choose the type of academic education institution you have visited during your previous studies. Here you can choose between "Fachhochschule (university of applied sciences/technical college)", "Universität (full university)", "Akademie (academy)" or "Sonstige Hochschule (other academic institution)". If in doubt please select the last option ("Sonstige Hochschule"). In case you have not yet finished your recent studies please state under "Intended final degree" which type of final degree your are currently aiming for (e.g. Bachelor of Science, etc.).

What's a "higher education entrance qualification"?

This is the certificate in your country that enabled you to apply for your first university degree. This is called differently in every country, but usually is the last certificate you needed to go to university.

What do I have to choose under "District of higher education entrance eligibility"?

If you have not obtained your university entrance eligibility in Germany you do not need to fill this box. If you have please specify the German district ("Kreis") in which you obtained your university entrance qualification or your final secondary school degree.

What has to be entered under "Higher education institution of first enrollment"?

If you have not studied in Germany, please enter your country and then select "Hochschulen im Ausland" in the drop-down box for "higher education institution of first enrollment". Then you have to enter the semesters when you have first started your studies.

I'm confused about first and last name! Which is which?

In many countries, naming conventions are quite different to the German system. In Germany we use a first name and a family name to identify people. All other names are middle names. You have to enter the names as they appear on your passport since this is what German offices will use, no matter whether e.g. your first name is never used in addressing you directly in your country.

My subject or degree is not listed in "Further details about previous studies "?

If you subject is not in the drop-down menu, please select "Studiengang nicht vorhanden" (Eng: "subject not listed"). If your degree is not listed please select the closest one, e.g. if you have completed a BTech or BEng, select BSc. The exact details will be taken from your certificates and documents.

My University entry qualification was obtained outside Germany. How do I enter this information?

This form is mostly tailored for qualifications made in Germany. In the drop-down menu for "University entry qualification*" there are 4 entries that are of interest for students from outside Germany:

  • "Ausland - Allgemeine Hochschulreife im Ausland" - General university entry qualification, i.e. you qualification enables you to select any university course in your country
  • "Ausland - Allgemeine Hochschulreife an einer deutschen Schule im Ausland" - General university entry qualification from a German school in your country
  • "Ausland - Fachgebundene Hochschulreife im Ausland"- Subject-specific university entry qualification, i.e. the qualification only enables you to enter university programmes from a specific subject area, e.g. natural sciences.
  • "Ausland - Fachgebundene Hochschulreife an einer deutschen Schule im Ausland" - Subject-specific university entry qualification from a German school in your country

For state and district select "Nicht in Deutschland" and enter "9.9" in the field for the grade. The selection committee will use the official certificates you provide to obtain the necessary information. Please do so - if not your application will receive less % in the ranking process (see selection criteria).

My grade was not given in the German point system, what do I enter in "Grade in the higher education entrance eligibility"?

Please enter 9.9. (That is the code for international grades/grading scales).

That means you need to provide official university documents displaying your grade and grading scale in the application which you send via postal mail (or email) to the IAS Team. As mentioned in Required documents, it is absolutely necessary that you provide an extra document with a final/preliminary grade calculated by your university and your corresponding grading scale. The average grade and grading scale need to be in numbers. The grading scale needs to include the minimum passing grade and maximum grade (best grade) of your degree. Make sure you send an official document attested by your university as the IAS selection committee does not accept self-calculated final grades nor does the IAS selection committee calculate final grades for you. The minimum passing grade (worst grade) will be then assumed means your will receive less % in the ranking process (see selection criteria).

Do I have to get verification through Uni-Assist?

The IAS admission board does not require verification from Uni-Assist at this point. However, you need evidence that your foreign qualification is accepted by the university of Hamburg. Please read number 11 of the required documents for an explanation how to do that.

What are "vacation semesters"?

Vacation semesters are semesters where you have been officially away and your programme was on hold. In a vacation semester, you are not able to sit exams or obtain credit points.

What are "Wartesemester"?

Waiting semesters are the time between getting your higher education degree (Bachelor) and the planned start of the IAS MSc in semesters. Only a maximum of 10 can be entered. All additional waiting semesters will be ignored.